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3 Key Advantages of Give Now, Pay Later Solutions

As a nonprofit fundraiser, you’re faced with the constant challenge of balancing the long game of donor stewardship with that of being able to showcase immediate results.

It’s never easy.

But take into consideration our current climate where overall giving rates and donor participation continue to drop and it feels that much more challenging.

When I’m asked about the potential of give now, pay later in the social good sector, I often reflect on its ability to help fundraisers break through common practices and elevate donors abilities to give in ways we’ve never experienced. It’s a solution designed to cut through the noise and allow both parties to realize their shared interests.

If it sounds too good to be true, it’s not. In fact, here are the three biggest advantages give now, pay later solutions bring to the table to help fundraisers change the way donors give for the better:

It Give Your Donors Options

How many times have you cultivated that lead only to get to the ask - and ultimately come up short. Maybe it wasn’t the right time or they held back on giving because they felt they couldn’t give as much as they wanted. Push come to shove, a flexible giving option serves as a valuable tool for a fundraiser in the final hour, helping to make the process of securing a gift as easy as possible.

It Drives Immediate Results

Donors want to give, but they also want to know that their gift makes a difference. Part of the value of flexible giving solutions like give now, pay later for your donors and organizations alike is that the outcome is instantaneous.

Your organization benefits from the full monetary gift upfront while your donor gains the satisfaction of knowing they’ve immediately aided an organization that means a great deal to them. With the gift going toward aiding the greater good sooner than more traditional transactions, fundraisers can also spend more time following up with their donors with the results that prove the value of the latter’s gifts as well.

It Removes Hassle

No one likes a hassle. And yet, the typical donation process can be riddled with them as you force potential donors to jump through hoops in order to make a financial donation.

With give now, pay later, the process is simple for donors: four monthly payments with no interest and no hassle. It also simplifies the process for fundraisers, who no longer have to manage the ongoing and tedious transactions on their side of the table either. It’s a win-win. And with the financial barriers removed for donors, the potential for increased and recurring gifts is likely to grow as well.

Learn more about Givzey, the first Give Now, Pay Later solution that gives your donors a smarter way to make their gifts.

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