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4 Tools for Churches to Increase Donations

Church services have come a long way in the last few years. In today’s world, most pastors are a text away. Missing Sunday’s sermon is a lot more difficult with live streams and video libraries. And giving has come a long way from passing the basket. In fact, the majority of donors prefer to give online with a credit or debit card.

In today’s hyper-connected world, technology solutions can empower your mission and even expand your Church. Let’s look at four tools that you can use to inspire generosity.

Fundraising Intelligence

Perhaps you are looking for new volunteers, one-time gift donors, or long-time contributors. Fundraising intelligence platforms like iWave enables your staff to easily screen parishioners, volunteers, and other supports to uncover those who have the greatest ability to give, as well as those who have a history of charitable giving, making them more likely to support you if asked.

Perhaps your Church does not have a development staff. No problem. A great Fundraising Intelligence platform will give you easy-to-use and intuitive solutions out of the box. Your platform should give you everything you need to determine who to ask, how much to ask for, and when to ask so you can still focus on your pastoral duties.

Give Now Pay Later Flexible Giving Options

How easy is it for your congregation to show its generosity? How much do you rely on the good folks who carry cash and checks? It turns out that most donors in the world prefer to give online, rather than a traditional collection plate. Give Now Pay Later flexible giving solutions like Givzey make it easy for parishioners to go to a single place to give the gift they’d like to make, but split the payments over four equal installments, with zero risk, zero interest, and zero credit checks. Meanwhile, your Church receives the full donation up front.

Why does this matter? Monthly budgets are tight and getting. People need flexible options to show their generosity. And here’s an extra bonus: when donors choose to give in the form of installments, they give 42% more than other donors.

GNPL isn’t simply an “online” form of giving, either. You can use Givzey’s enablement tools, like your own customized and branded QR code during services or at events to send donors directly to your unique Give Now Pay Later Givzey page. By blending the digital world with the physical, GNPL is a better option than collection plates, handwritten forms, or self-addressed envelopes.

The best GNPL option for churches and faith-based communities is fully transparent, has zero cost for donors, gives your church the donation in-full immediately, and is built atop ethical fundraising standards. If you’re interested in GNPL, make sure your provider does NOT charge donors to make a gift, does NOT charge your church a piece of each transaction, does NOT charge interest, and will NOT harass donors if there’s an issue.

Board Management Software

Chances are there are a number of key stakeholders within your Church and many of them may sit on your board and other committees. Board Management Software, like Boardable, is built to keep your governing board active and organized. And we all know that active leaders not only give from their own pockets, but they also engage other members of the community and help you grow your Church.

From agenda templates to virtual collaboration and meetings on a single screen, a one-stop-shop for all documents, minutes, and discussions, solutions like Boardable organize the inner workings and operations of your Church so you can focus on spreading the Message.

Online Video

Getting The Word out is both easy and difficult these days. While Youtube or Facebook might empower you to broadcast to anyone, anywhere, it’s hard to rise above the white noise. Distractions seem to be one of the biggest problems we’ve created for ourselves in the last few decades.

By investing in video platforms, like YouTube, that also allows you to easily embed videos in your email, texts, messaging apps, website, blog, newsletter, and other media – you’re framing the focus around your Message. And, within that message, you can easily add links, QR codes, and other appeals to explain what you need from your congregation in terms of donations.

Partnerships That Grow Churches

The clergy has so many challenges to face each week, and so many great causes to put resources into. Technology can help you appeal to your congregation and raise funds and awareness for these worthy causes. Givzey is a fundraising company, built by fundraisers. We use technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and financial technology (Fintech) to help you meet the needs of your community.

Wherever you are in your journey, we’d love to connect and show you how Givzey and its partners are empowering churches to fundraise for Good. Contact us today!

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