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Adam Martel and Christopher Mirabile - Gravyty Exits, Givzey Starts

Updated: May 21, 2022

The dynamic duo of founder Adam Martel and super angel Christopher Mirabile are back on Sal Daher's Angel Invest Boston podcast podcast to report on the sale of Gravyty and to discuss Givzey.


• Gravyty Created a New Category

• How COVID Affected Gravyty

• Merging Gravyty and Graduway

• Sal Compares the Gravyty Exit and the Mavrck Exit

• Selling a Startup to a Private Equity Firm

• Adam Martel Talks About his New Startup, Givzey

• “Because we're experts in data, we've seen if you make a gift to your alma mater for the last 20 years, odds are that you're going to make a gift in the 21st year.”

• “...the ability to understand the market and to understand the timing of the market; is the market ready for this, has been shown to be a very important predictor of success in ventures.”

• Sal Daher Shifts the Conversation to the Life Sciences

• “ don't meet many academics who aren't pretty sharp. When you think about it, many of them are really quite good at project management.”

• Being Coachable Is Essential for First-Time Academic Founders

• “...Michael Jordan wasn't coachable, but I think he would tell you that he heard everything people said.”

• AceUp, the Executive Coaching Platform

• Purdue University Entrepreneurship and Peter Fasse, Patent Attorney at Fish & Richardson Sponsor the Podcast

• Hilltop Biosciences and Founder Amanda Drobnis

• QSM Diagnostics

• Kalion: Bioengineering Microorganisms to Produce Valuable Compounds

• KnipBio – Another Use for Microorganisms

• Piction Health – AI for Skin

Listen to the full podcast here

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