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Attract and Retain Donors with Gift Agreement Management

Attract and Retain Donors with Gift Agreement Management
Attract and Retain Donors with Gift Agreement Management

Nonprofit donors and partners have high expectations in today’s fast-paced world, where convenience and flexibility are paramount. They crave personalized engagement complemented by simple, digital solutions that simplify their donation experience. 

Organizations that fail to adapt to this shift risk frustrating their prospect pool, and will miss out on retaining donors, as well as capturing valuable data. Recent research shows decreased donor retention across the industry, and increased challenges in acquiring new donors – the need for change is clear. 

The current competitive landscape means nonprofit organizations must prioritize thoughtful and personalized donor engagement in tandem with a frictionless, simple and secure approach to record donor intent. Failing to meet these expectations can lead to decreased loyalty and, ultimately, loss of revenue. 

To attract and retain donors in this digital-first era, the importance of optimizing your giving processes to offer a smooth, personalized experience cannot be overstated. No matter how simple or complex your workflows are, automation and technology can help. Gift Agreement Management begins when a donor says yes and automates a frictionless experience, guiding agreements to close.

Vital agreement workflows

Confirming donor intent as bookable revenue is a critical part of a fundraiser’s job. Traditionally, this workflow relied on manual processes that can be poorly integrated, error-prone, and time consuming. 

From information-gathering to document generation to completion, multiple steps are involved in the journey before you can formally close the gift – and steward the donor. If your gift and pledge agreement processes are clunky or disjointed, it can result in higher levels of donor frustration and attrition.

This stage of the giving process is called the ‘Messy Middle.’ Notice in the graph below how the more time a donor’s gift spends between commitment and close, the more the donor experience and overall sentiment deteriorates.

The Messy Middle
The Messy Middle
Donor Experience and The Messy Middle
Donor Experience and The Messy Middle

Gift Agreement Management offers multiple ways to generate personalized agreements that meet both your donor and organization’s unique needs. Powerful tools like Givzey and streamlined approaches mean you can build an intuitive agreement process with minimal friction points, leading to faster turnaround times and an increase in bookable revenue. You can also customize and secure agreements according to either your nonprofit’s needs or those of your donors, ensuring your organization honors donor intent as well as standard operating procedures. 

For donors, shortening the ‘Messy Middle’ communicates a professional, frictionless, and experience-based donor journey. For fundraisers, shortening the ‘Messy Middle’ deepens relationships by ensuring impact and stewardship touchpoints can begin as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Gift Agreement Management Removes Friction from the Donor Experience

Gift Agreement Management removes the friction from the donor experiece. Here's a general overview of how:

Web Forms

Say goodbye to static PDF forms and hello to a slick donation process. Gift Agreement Management platforms like Givzey enable fundraising teams to create user-friendly and personalized “form-filling" experiences that streamline giving and speed up obtaining signatures to a single click.

With Givzey, you can transform the donor experience, create forms easily and collect data seamlessly. Produce forms that are personalized and consistent with your brand.

Gift Agreement Document Generation

Developed by fundraisers for fundraisers, Givzey’s features mean you can create personalized and professional gift documentation, tailored for each donor, while aligning with internal protocols, saving template confusion, time, and effort. 

Multi-Channel Delivery

Gift Agreement Management creates a smooth customer experience with options to send drafts and completed documents via email and event text. Multi-channel delivery means choosing the best communication platform to get your agreements to your donors — anytime, anywhere. 

Close gifts faster by using email and text notifications that link directly to agreements, enabling quick signing and easy tracking with reporting. You can provide a superior experience and stand out from the competition with a mobile-friendly and engaging signing process.

Intuitive Gift Agreement Management with Givzey

Givzey removes friction from fundraising by reinventing the idea of ‘forms', gift agreement document generation, multi-channel delivery, customized embedded agreements and transparent insights. Give your donors a faster and more intuitive experience that impresses them from the start.

Givzey is the premier Gift Agreement Management platform. Click here to learn more about Givzey today.

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