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THE FUTURE OF FUNDRAISING - Episode 4: Karin George

Welcome to THE FUTURE OF FUNDRAISING, Givzey's ongoing webinar and podcast series.

Karin George, Managing Principal of Washburn & McGoldrick, is a longtime friend and partner of Adam Martel and the Givzey team. Together with Bonnie Devlin, Karin leads one of the nation's leading consultancies for educational institutions. What we love about Karin the most is her unique ability to speak eloquently and positively about challenges and donor-centric fundraising in relatable ways.

We were lucky to book Karin for The Future of Fundraising and we know that you'll love the conversation between her and Givzey's CEO, Adam Martel. In this episode, Adam and Karin cover three main topics:

  1. Declining Donor Participation

  2. Removing Barriers Between Donors and Organizations

  3. Why Conveying Impact (Even for Smaller Gifts) Makes a Major Difference

Click on the link here or the image below for access to Givzey's interview with Karin George.

Givzey - The Future of Fundraising Episode 4 - Karin George

Happy listening!

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