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Give Now, Pay Later for Athletic Directors to Help Coaches Fundraise

Athletic Directors wear many hats. They run events, lead boosters, manage coaches, set goals, and procure budgets. ADs also have large and often diverse fundraising responsibilities. It's a high-pressure career.

Givzey - Athletic Directors, Help Your Coaches Fundraise with Give Now, Pay Later

Every sport is a different program with different needs and limited windows to capture the attention of supporters and donors. But the need to capture this attention is great, because ADs never have enough to fund the recruiting, team travel, off-season trips, and other activities their coaches require to build successful programs.

The reality is that ADs need all coaches to raise money to support the specific needs of their programs. If an AD can take an action to help their coaches fundraise, it's time well spent. That's why Give Now, Pay Later (GNPL) for Athletics has become a growing trend in fundraising.

Give Now, Pay Later for Athletics

Give Now, Pay Later from Givzey is a patent-pending is a flexible payment option for donors that allows them to pay for a gift over time while giving your organization the full donation upfront.

GNPL is the easiest and most effective way for coaches to engage alumni and recent graduates. Why? Because the most common barrier to giving is that it doesn't fit in line with personal finances. Give Now, Pay Later removes the financial barrier to giving by empowering donors to make an impact today and pay for it over time. Unlike a pledge, 100% of the donation goes back to you, immediately.

Additionally, GNPL empowers your coaches to create a culture of giving within their sport. When everyone is empowered to give – including your most recent graduates – then former players, supporters, fans, and parents can give in ways that grow the legacy of your team and your brand today.

To see why Athletics Directors are equipping their coaches with Give Now, Pay Later, connect with Givzey today.

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