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Give Now, Pay Later for Phonathons

Phonathons have a bad rap.

Over the past decade, the student phonathon has come under fire. Negative trends in efficiency and effectiveness have often frustrated advancement leadership and callers who note that the most difficult phonathon asks include countering a donor’s objection and asking for an increased gift.

Phonathon innovation has come in expanding the way student fundraisers reach donors – going beyond phone calls and introducing the ominous-sounding omnichannel. But there has been virtually no solution to overcome donor objections.

Until now.

Give Now, Pay Later for Phonathons

Givzey recently introduced Give Now, Pay Later for Phonathons. GNPL for phonathons is a powerful tool that helps callers capture new donors and increase giving from current donors. It was designed to help your organization see these results from young donors and alumni, first-time donors, LYBUNT and SYBUNTs, and more.

Why are we doing this to a program that some have used the last decade to refer to as a dying art form? So many phonathon programs still exist, but they've become stagnant over the years as culture, society, and technology have changed. Fundraising leaders know that there's still value in the phonathon if we can get past donor objections. By adding Give Now, Pay Later to a student caller’s toolkit for phonathons, we are reinvigorating a once-powerful fundraising initiative that has become stagnant over the past few years.

How does Give Now, Pay Later for Phonathons Work?

GNPL for phonathons helps frontline fundraisers and student or volunteer callers overcome the most common donor objection, "not now." With Give Now, Pay Later for phonathons, these callers can now offer donors the option to pay for their gift over time, which makes it easier for the donor to both give now and to give more.

Give Now, Pay Later - A Better Option Than Pledges

Unlike a pledge payment, Givzey delivers a donor's full amount to your organization up front and immediately. This means that your nonprofit is not on the hook for administrative overhead, defaults, and stifling the giving process with soft versus hard credits.

Givzey’s Give Now, Pay Later for Phonathon solution is delivered via GivzeyEDGE, a white-glove service that customizes execution and enablement for Givzey’s nonprofit partners. The GivzeyEDGE team is made up of professional fundraisers who customize enablement and strategically align the execution of GNPL campaigns to each organization.

Interested to add Give Now, Pay Later into your phonathon? Schedule a free one-on-one conversation with Givzey:

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