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Givzey and Civic Champs Team to Make Donorship More Accessible for Volunteers

Givzey and Civic Champs Empower Nonprofits’ Biggest Supporters to Become Philanthropists

Givzey, fundraising’s first AI-enabled flexible giving and patent-pending Give Now Pay Later (GNPL) solution, today announced its partnership with Civic Champs, an intuitive volunteer management platform that allows nonprofits to track, manage, and engage volunteers with ease. The nonprofit solutions companies will work together to make philanthropic giving more accessible to volunteer supporters.

Most nonprofit organizations have a base of amazing volunteer supporters who consistently give their time and energy to a cause. However, not all volunteers have the financial confidence to give financially to the missions that inspire them to act. In fact, almost one-third of volunteers do not donate to the causes they help. Givzey and Civic Champs are working together to empower all volunteers to become donors, through flexible giving solutions.

Civic Champs is an intuitive volunteer management platform with features that help nonprofits of all sizes track, manage, and engage volunteers with accuracy and ease. Their mobile app and web-based dashboards centralize volunteer data in one place, making reports quick and simple. The Civic Champs platform also features an award-winning Micro-donation tool that helps nonprofits make an accessible ask to volunteers at the time they feel most inspired. Civic Champs software strives to help volunteer management leaders eliminate manual data entry while also improving and strengthening their volunteer programs.

“Volunteers are the biggest supporters of an organization. They are twice as likely to donate, but it’s important when making an ask that it does not appear to devalue their gift of time. Civic Champs allows organizations to make small-dollar asks of happy volunteers when they are feeling most inspired. With Givzey, organizations can now provide a new flexible giving option that allows volunteers to continue with a smaller financial responsibility that results in a larger gift.” – Geng Wang, CEO of Civic Champs

“Givzey’s mission is to empower donors with flexible giving solutions so they can align giving with their values. Our patent-pending Give Now, Pay Later solution lessens the financial burden that donors and volunteers face when deciding to give to their favorite charities. Civic Champs is the perfect partner to address these challenges for volunteers, and together with Givzey, we’ll empower more volunteers to align giving with the amazing work they already do for nonprofit organizations.” – Adam Martel, founder and CEO of Givzey

Givzey’s patent-pending Give Now Pay Later (GNPL) solution is a short-term financing method that allows donors or members to give to nonprofit organizations now, and pay in interest-free installments with zero fees. Donors’ credit scores are never run (hard or soft) and never impacted, because of Givzey’s patent-pending PHILO Score. Through Givzey, nonprofit organizations receive their full gift up-front and never worry about lost pledges or a donor defaulting. Donors, meanwhile, are usually inclined to give more and more often with GNPL, because smaller payments are in line with monthly budgets.

Givzey and Civic Champs will work together to educate nonprofits on expanding giving pipelines through volunteerism and empowering volunteers to become philanthropists.

Click here to schedule your free demo today to learn more about how Givzey is transforming fundraising across the country.

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