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Givzey Announces Summer 2023 Paid Internship Program

Today, Givzey announced its 2023 Summer Internship Program.

By design, the Givzey Internship Program immerses rising students in first-hand business experiences that give them the opportunity to gain valuable transferable skills, while supporting the work of fundraising and advancement professionals across the country.


This paid Program will support the growth of Givzey's Gift Agreement Platform (GAP), the first of its kind in fundraising. GAP instantly converts verbal pledges and pledge forms into digital gift agreements with automatic reminders and invoicing for donors so nonprofit organizations can book giving revenue based on donor intent and to greatly increase the consistency that donors fulfill their gift intentions.

Givzey is seeking candidates who meet the following criteria:

  • Enrolled in an accredited undergraduate degree program at a college or university.

  • Experienced student caller/phonathon representative within the Advancement office at their college or university.

  • Is eager to gain first-hand business experience at a startup.

  • Can dedicate 6-8 weeks of their summer to the Givzey Internship Program.

Upon completion of the Givzey Summer 2023 Internship Program, interns can expect solid resume experience, references, and transferable skills they'll be able to apply in any subsequent internship or job.

Interested candidates can find the program's online application here.

Prospective candidates with questions about the program, as well as Advancement leaders who have student callers that may be interested in the position, can reach out to Givzey at

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