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Givzey + Boardable Take Major Step Forward to Expand Board Access & Diversity

Givzey is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Boardable to democratize access to nonprofit governing boards, making them more diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

This news is great for all who work with, currently serve on, or aspire to hold a board position. That's because Boardable, a powerful nonprofit board software that establishes modern governance in your organization, has named Givzey as its exclusive partner for flexible giving options to support board dues.

As Givzey's CEO explains, "Access to nonprofit boards excludes most donors because they simply cannot afford large, lump-sum gifts. As a result, nonprofits miss out on obtaining some of the most talented leaders for their cause.”

In an effort to improve board diversity everywhere, Boardable and Givzey will offer flexible giving options to Boardable's nonprofit partners, bringing Givzey's Give Now Pay Later solution to both annual giving and major giving.

Why are we focusing on board diversity?

Nonprofit leadership does not represent America’s changing demographics. In fact, nonprofits that don’t have racially, ethnically, or culturally diverse boards run the risk of major blindspots that hurt the organization’s overall mission. Too often, diverse donors and amazing leaders are never considered for nonprofit board positions, because the size of their gift is considered too small.

Together, Givzey and Boardable are able to offer flexible giving and Give Now Pay Later options to donors who could make larger gifts, if only they were split into smaller payments, overtime. This solution will help democratize who has access to nonprofit boards and ultimately improve the outcomes that nonprofits make for society.

What's next?

On October 20, we invite you to join host Ryan Dougal, Director of Partnerships at Boardable, and guest Adam Martel, CEO of Givzey, as they break down the democratization of board involvement and best practices for making donating available to everyone.


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