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Givzey Expands Breakthrough Give Now Pay Later Solution to Faith-Based Organizations

Givzey Brings Flexible Giving Options to Faith-Based Nonprofits, Churches, and Religious Communities

Givzey, fundraising’s first AI-enabled financial technology company for Social Good, today announced the industry’s first customized Give Now, Pay Later (GNPL) fundraising solution for faith-based nonprofits, churches, and religious communities. The announcement empowers faith-based organizations to offer their congregations flexible giving options through both in-person and digital channels, now completely free for their donors.

A recent study from NSEP finds that when faith-based organizations embrace innovative donation technologies, they grow in both revenue and size. Givzey is the first fundraising company to introduce ai-enabled financial technology (Fintech) solutions like Give Now, Pay Later to the nonprofit sector. Fintech solutions have empowered consumers for years. Now, faith communities can empower donors of all kinds by removing the barrier to giving with Givzey.

“We built Givzey so donors can put their money where their values are,” said Adam Martel, founder and CEO, Givzey. “Faith-based organizations have millions of supporters who need more flexible giving options to make the true impact they want to make on their communities. We’ve received amazing feedback from the faith community that Give Now Pay Later is precisely the type of innovative giving solution that will empower donors – whether they are regular members of the congregation, guests, newcomers, or otherwise – to both give more and give more often. Givzey is proud to serve the faith communities and we can’t wait to continue to change the world with these amazing partners.”

Within one year of releasing Givzey’s groundbreaking GNPL solution, fundraising’s first GNPL solution has grown in enormous ways. Key features of how Givzey’s Give Now Pay Later flexible giving solution will revolutionize fundraising for faith-based nonprofits include:

  • Expanding Capacity for Congregational & Individual Giving

  • Increasing Fiscal-Year & Year-End Cash Flow

  • Maximizing Crowdfunding Campaigns

  • Increasing Missionary Lead Fundraising

  • Boosting Special Campaigns or Funds

  • Shortening the Timeline for Large Scale Campaigns

  • Increasing Donation Revenue for Fundraisers & Special Events

  • Increasing Donation Collections at Weekly Services for Regular Donors, Guest Giving, Newcomers, and Visitors

Givzey’s AI-enabled Give Now, Pay Later donation solution is free for all donors giving to nonprofit partners. With Givzey, donors split donations into manageable and equal payments without credit checks or hidden fees. Nonprofit organizations receive the donor’s entire gift upfront and in full, while allowing the donor to pay over time. This means Faith-Based Nonprofits, Churches, and Religious Communities gain immediate access to the capital they need, while eliminating the risk of unfulfilled pledges, and spending unnecessary resources in the donation process. Givzey is transparent, does not charge a percentage of gift transactions, and is completely interest free.

Click here to schedule your free demo today to learn more about how Givzey is transforming fundraising for faith-based organizations across the country.

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