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Givzey Brings Patent-Pending Give Now Pay Later Solution to Annual Giving Programs in Higher Ed

Givzey Introduces GNPL Flexible Giving Solutions to Colleges, Universities, and Independent Schools

Givzey Brings Patent-Pending Give Now Pay Later Solution to Annual Giving Programs in Higher Ed

Givzey, fundraising’s first AI-enabled flexible giving and patent-pending Give Now Pay Later (GNPL) solution, today announced its entrance into Higher Education and Independent School fundraising. The announcement empowers colleges, universities, and private schools to offer flexible giving options to alumni and supporters, completely free for donors. This news will greatly increase the impact of annual giving programs and provide needed flexible giving options for donors who want to impact some of the world’s most important educational institutions.

For colleges, universities, and independent schools, the majority of donations come as a result of some form of annual giving. However, household giving in the US has dropped below 50% for the first time, representing an overwhelming number of donors who give through Annual Giving programs. Extending flexible giving options to these segments of donors is critical to combatting this downward trend and securing the donor retention needed to maintain and build healthy giving pipelines.

“The majority of our team at Givzey have worked in or around higher education fundraising. At one point, most of us were all frontline fundraisers who loved the work we did with donors, but also wanted to find solutions to address the barriers that got in the way of the amazing work our institutions were doing,” said Adam Martel, CEO of Givzey. “Givzey’s experience in higher education fundraising and technology gives us a distinct advantage to understand annual giving programs and provide flexible giving solutions and Give Now Pay Later options for donors that inspire them to give, give more, and give more often.”

Givzey’s patent-pending Give Now Pay Later (GNPL) solution is a short-term financing method that allows donors or members to give to nonprofit organizations now, and pay in interest-free installments with zero fees. Donors’ credit scores are never run (hard or soft) and never impacted, because of Givzey’s patent-pending PHILO Score. Through Givzey, nonprofit organizations receive their full gift up-front and never have to worry about lost pledges or a donor defaulting. Donors, meanwhile, are usually inclined to give more and more often with GNPL, because smaller payments are in line with monthly budgets.

Within one year of releasing Givzey’s patent-pending GNPL solution, our team has developed key features that fit directly into annual giving programs with zero tech lift. Annual giving use cases include:

  • Supporting first-time donors

  • Re-engaging Lapsed Donors

  • Increasing Fiscal/Calendar Year-End Cash Flow

  • Amplifying Special Campaigns (ie Day of Giving, Reunion, Homecoming, Athletics, Peer-to-Peer Fundraising)

  • Increasing Access to Giving Societies

  • Appealing to Specific Donor Segments (ie Young Alumni, Parents)

Click here to schedule your free demo today to learn more about how Givzey is transforming fundraising across the country.

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