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Meet Givzey's Intelligent Gift Documentation Platform

Updated: May 1

Givzey's Gift Solicitation Platform

Over the past year, the Givzey team has observed that the most important part of a donor's journey, the actual gift transaction that follows a verbal commitment, is usually the part of the process that receives the least amount of attention for small and mid-sized gifts. As a result, many donations are lost at the very last mile of giving, disconnecting nonprofit organizations from the capital they need to make an impact.

To fix this last mile of fundraising, Givzey is introducing the Intelligent Gift Documentation Platform, a first-of-its-kind, standalone tool that empowers fundraisers to assist donors in fulfilling gift commitments at all levels. Backed with AI enablement, tracking, management, and analytics tools, the Givzey Intelligent Gift Documentation Platform expands on our solutions that increase revenue at the last mile of giving.

You can think of Givzey's Intelligent Gift Documentation Platform as similar to a DocuSign. Fundraisers work tirelessly to cultivate donors, but once an ask is made and a donor agrees to a gift, there's no way to track the progress of that revenue in the door for small to mid-sized gifts. The Gift Agreement Platform empowers fundraisers to convert these verbal agreements into donor-centric, digital documents that are stored and managed in a single, easy-to-manage dashboard for frontline fundraisers.

With Givzey's Intelligent Gift Documentation Platform, even high-volume, low-dollar commitments are trackable. And, donors are seamlessly directed to the easiest point of transaction to make gifts.

The Givzey Intelligent Gift Documentation Platform is designed as a no-integration, zero-tech lift product, that you can begin using within 24 hours.

  • Advanced, Real-Time Gift Agreement Analytics Givzey tracks donor activity and open rates, payment conversions, and other metrics that show the overall progress toward fundraising goals and improved donor retention.

  • Automated, AI-enabled Nudging You solicit your donor. Let us secure the gift transaction. Givzey creates a more natural close process with non-intrusive nudges and action plans for donors who have not completed their gift yet.

  • Centralized Online Giving Options Givzey’s Gift Agreement Platform improves the donor experience by putting all of your organization’s online giving options in one place, giving you complete control over which options to provide each donor. Custom links and pre-filled forms mean fewer clicks and faster checkout for the donor, major wins for correcting gift churn.

  • All-in-One Dashboard Keeping track of smaller gifts within annual giving programs has been virtually impossible until now. Givzey finally gives you a way to aggregate and organize all gift commitments and verbal agreements at all levels of giving, greatly reducing churn. And, every week, we send every user a weekly digest of exactly where their gifts are in the fulfillment process.

  • Custom Branding These are still your donors. This is still your gift. As a team of fundraisers, Givzey knows that. That’s why all communications and nudges can be custom-branded for your organization.

  • Give Now, Pay Later Givzey’s patent-pending GNPL solution immediately upgrades the impact of the Gift Agreement Platform, as it’s woven into the very fabric of the solution, empowering donors with secure and flexible giving options for fulfilling their gift commitments.

  • Standalone Givzey’s Gift Agreement Platform is an end-to-end, completely standalone product that requires zero tech lift, integration, API calls, or otherwise. You can empower your fundraisers and get them up and running in less than a day.

To learn more about Givzey’s Intelligent Gift Documentation Platform, click here to schedule your free demo today.


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