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Givzey & Yearly Partner to Keep Nonprofit Fundraising Leaders Ahead of Key Challenges Facing Donors

Givzey & Yearly

The economic world is changing faster today than it has in the last decade. In fact, most financial watchdogs anticipate a recession in 2023. In these uncertain times, nonprofits are forced to consider how they will maintain the capital necessary to drive impact, and how donors will respond to tighter household spending budgets.

Savvy nonprofit leaders understand that thriving comes down to not just responding to new challenges, but communicating those challenges to stakeholders clearly and precisely. Givzey and Yearly’s partnership is designed to give nonprofit leaders a place to recognize emerging trends and impacts early, so they can effectively appeal to everyone from donors to board members.

Our goal is to keep nonprofit leaders informed, help them understand the impact of trends on their communities and causes, and to help them convincingly tell those stories to their stakeholders. Our first report is entitled, "As Inflation Soars, Donors Reign in Spending."

Givzey & Yearly Report: As Inflation Soars, Donors Reign in Spending

“In the Social Good sector, nonprofit leaders expect more than vendors who provide software solutions – they seek partners who can help expand conversations, conduct deep research, and consider how nonprofit organizations can adapt to an evolving world. Yearly’s partnership with Givzey uniquely delivers education to nonprofit leaders on donor behaviors, flexible giving, and showing their community impact." – Josh Kligman, Co-Founder & CEO, Yearly

Founded in 2019, Yearly is a platform for nonprofits to create their own digital reports. Nonprofits spend an estimated 40 hours and $4,600 every year on annual reports, according to a recent survey of customers. Yearly empowers charitable organizations to put those funds back into community impact, as its customers spend 3x less time and 4x fewer dollars publishing critical documents like annual and impact reports, in a no-code, web-based format.

“As the first Give Now, Pay Later flexible giving solution for nonprofits, Givzey is a company of firsts. Together with Yearly, it’s our goal to help nonprofit and fundraising leaders across the country be first, as well – first to recognize micro and macro trends, first to understand how those trends change the status quo, first to clearly communicate needs and strategy to every stakeholder, and first to solve challenges and drive impact." – Adam Martel, Co-founder & CEO, Givzey.

Givzey’s patent-pending Give Now Pay Later (GNPL) solution is a short-term financing method that allows donors or members to give to nonprofit organizations now, and pay in interest-free installments with zero fees. Donors’ credit scores are never run (hard or soft) and never impacted, because of Givzey’s patent-pending PHILO Score. Through Givzey, nonprofit organizations receive their full gift up-front and never worry about lost pledges or a donor defaulting. Donors, meanwhile, are usually inclined to give more and more often with GNPL, because smaller payments are in line with monthly budgets.

Givzey and Yearly's educational platform will roll out in a series of articles, guides, webinars, and other interactive content.

See our first report, As Inflation Soars, Donors Reign in Spending, to see how Givzey and Yearly are working together to uncover fundraising and nonprofit trends in real-time.

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