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Go Beyond Fundraising: The Podcast for Nonprofits

Givzey Featured on New Podcast: How Flexible Giving Can Double Your Fundraising ROI

Recently, the wonderful folks from the Go Beyond Fundraising podcast and Pursuant featured Givzey founder and CEO, Adam Martel. Adam joined the podcast to talk about the inherent nature of entrepreneurship in the nonprofit sector and why he first built Gravyty -- and now Givzey to solve problems for those working to change the world for the better.

By creating and defining new models of fundraising, whether it's AI fundraiser enablement or flexible giving solutions and Give Now, Pay Later options for donors, Adam has helped countless nonprofits navigate challenging times over the last decade.

Have a listen to the podcast to see why he believes Give Now, Pay Later can help nonprofits navigate challenging economic times at the very last mile of fundraising, by taking away the sting of giving donors might feel — especially if the predicted recession comes to fruition. His goal is to provide donors the means of supporting the causes important to them without ever having to reach for a credit card and pay interest on their generosity.

The full episode discusses why Buy Now, Pay Later works for retailers (more than half of all Americans have used it), and how it's a game-changing option for donors who want to make an impact.

You'll also hear about a church that was unexpectedly collecting donations to repair flood damage and how Give Now, Pay Later quadrupled what members of the congregation could give.

Listen today.

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