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Introducing Give Now, Pay Later-Enabled Campaigns

Givzey Introduces Give Now, Pay Later-Enabled Campaigns
Givzey Introduces Give Now, Pay Later-Enabled Campaigns

Depending on strategy, annual giving teams are generally judged by the dollars they bring in the door or donor participation. But the metrics that drive teams to those final results are found at the level of campaign effectiveness.

That's why Givzey is introducing Give Now, Pay Later-Enabled Campaigns to the fundraising industry. GNPL-Enabled Campaigns are turnkey and designed to empower your team to use GNPL as a means for reaching your campaign goals.

“Give Now, Pay Later is a powerful tool, especially when it’s used to boost giving within the time constraints of the fundraising campaigns we run throughout the year. We’ve spent the past year perfecting the technology that allows Give Now, Pay Later to be an inspiring and innovative force for good and by introducing GNPL-enabled campaigns, we’re empowering donors to make a greater impact during your organization’s most critical times of the year.” – Adam Martel, founder and CEO of Givzey.

All organizations use time-based campaigns to motivate donors. We see these in the form of calendar and fiscal year-end pushes, reunion appeals, giving days, P2P and other solicitations to grow giving societies, participation, gift sizes, and more. What Givzey does with GNPL-Enabled Campaigns is incorporate a pay-over-time element into the DNA of these campaigns. This way, your organization can stand out from standard appeals and offer donors value they've never seen before.

Take Givzey's out-of-the-box One Day's Pay GNPL-Enabled Campaign, for example.

One Day's Pay

One Day’s Pay asks donors to give the equivalent of a day’s pay, using GNPL to spread a gift over four payments.

When donors arrive on your One Day’s Pay landing page, they simply enter their annual salary to calculate what they earn in a single day of work. Givzey then splits the donation over four payments, allowing the donor to pay over time. With the One Day’s Pay GNPL-Enabled Campaign, your nonprofit receives the full gift amount up front, while your donor receives automated and customized stewardship as they make their monthly donation installments.

Because each gift is tailored to a donor’s actual earnings, your organization can benefit from increased gift sizes that you wouldn’t otherwise see if your ask amount was the same for every donor.

See what GNPL-Enabled Campaigns can do for you.

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