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Introducing Givzey Guidance: Nonprofit Fundraising Professionals First Central Library for Proper Gift Documentation

Updated: May 1

New Givzey Guidance Community Helps Fundraising Professionals Find Answers and Solutions to Pressing Gift Documentation Questions

As the first Intelligent Gift Documentation Management Platform, the Givzey team is constantly fielding questions from gift administrators about how they should enter gifts, record pledge fulfillment, or handle specific complex scenarios and we love that Givzey has come to be known as a top resource for all gift documentation questions!

That's why today we're introducing you to Givzey Guidance. Givzey Guidance is an open-to-all, free library to help fundraising professionals find answers to their pressing gift documentation questions that align with governing body standards for accounting and revenue recognition, with no login or signup required. Givzey Guidance is easy to access:

Givzey: The Nonprofit Sector's Partner

As a central library that anyone can learn from or ask questions of and expect a fast and direct response for free, Givzey Guidance is a perfect fit for the nonprofit sector. Givzey delivers the world’s most innovative gift documentation software, but we recognize that members of the nonprofit community need more than technology – sometimes they just need answers that they don’t have time to look up. In the true nature of the Social Good sector, we expect to use Givzey Guidance to inform the community we serve so organizations can book gifts with confidence that they align with auditing and financial standards.”

Givzey Guidance is an ever-evolving library consisting of three components: Community Q&A, Gift Document Template Library, and Best Practices.

Community Q&A

If you have a gift documentation question, Givzey Guidance is here to help. Fundraising professionals can submit gift documentation questions and expect quick and personalized help from a seasoned fundraiser on our team. Responses always include links and backup to the relevant standards that guide these answers from governing bodies such as the IRS, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, FASB, CASE, AFP, and AASP. After we help you resolve your question, we’ll then anonymize the inquiry and share the response in Community Q&A so everyone can learn from the experience.

Submit your Community Q&A here.

Gift Document Template Library

Givzey Guidance houses a library of public gift documents from all types of organizations: Higher Education, Nonprofits, Healthcare organizations, and more. If you’re evaluating, expanding, or just getting started in building your own gift agreement templates, Givzey Guidance’s Gift Document Template Library is an ever-growing resource to help you.

Best Practices

Givzey is built by a team of seasoned and former fundraising professionals. In Best Practices, we share our relatable stories, tips, tricks, and guidance as the future of fundraising evolves under our feet. In Best Practices, you’ll gain deeper insight into the art of delivering gift documentation solutions that delight your team and your donors.

The goal of Givzey Guidance is to ensure that the insights, questions, answers, and evolving requirements for proper gift documentation live out in the open, rather than in a large manual that lays static on the shelf. 

If there are gift documentation questions that you are struggling with, let us know. We’ll help you individually and also anonymously share our findings with the entire nonprofit fundraising community.

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