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Introducing Givzey’s Patent-Pending PHILO Score

Givzey’s PHILO Score Measures Philanthropic Potential, Acting as Proxy Credit Score for Give Now Pay Later Advances

Givzey Patent-Pending PHILO Score Logo
Givzey's Patent-Pending PHILO Score Measures Philanthropic Potential

We founded Givzey because we knew that nonprofit organizations could benefit from amazing artificial intelligence (AI) and financial technology (fintech) advancements, but only if those solutions were built from the ground up to address barriers that stand in the way between donors and amazing organizations working to change the world.

We’d like to introduce you to our patent-pending PHILO Score, which uses AI to measure a donor’s philanthropic potential and immediately offer customized Give Now Pay Later giving advances, with zero credit checks.

What is a PHILO Score?

The patent-pending PHILO Score operates as a proxy credit score to consider a donor’s unique philanthropic potential and customize gift ask amounts, without any credit checks. The PHILO Score is a flexible giving tool designed to increase the philanthropic giving power of millions of donors and empower nonprofits to access more capital.

How does the PHILO Score work?

The AI-enabled PHILO Score considers a donor’s giving capacity score, past public giving history, big public data, and other unique historical data to offer custom giving advances, in the form of Give Now Pay Later donation advances, to nonprofit organizations. Givzey’s AI-enabled PHILO Score is instant so donors can immediately leverage GNPL to complete their gift, and the proxy credit score learns from its own data to continuously improve and refine results. Givzey’s interest-free advances are free for donors, never require a credit check and never impact traditional credit scores.

The launch of Givzey’s PHILO Score marks the first time a fundraising company has used philanthropic giving history to assess risk for allocating giving advances to donors.

The PHILO Score, in combination with Givzey’s patent-pending Give Now Pay Later platform, serves both the needs of donors and nonprofit organizations. As a flexible giving solution, Donors are empowered to responsibly maximize the size of their gift, while spreading their financial obligation over four months. Nonprofits benefit through increased giving and gaining immediate access to the full gifts upfront, which can be put directly towards impact, through Givzey.

The PHILO Score is available for Givzey Business partners through API. Learn more here.

To learn more about Givey’s patent-pending GNPL platform and PHILO Score, connect with us. We’d love to hear from you.

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