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Introducing GivzeyEDGE - The First and Only White-Glove Service for Flexible Giving Solutions

Have you ever purchased a technology when you were looking for a solution? Have you ever found a solution but needed strategic guidance to ensure it brought value to you and your donors?

Too often, nonprofit and Annual Giving leaders find themselves stuck in one of these gaps. They have a piece of the puzzle, but not the whole box – a way to solve the bigger picture, but not enough hands to set it into motion. Ultimately, key challenges go unsolved. Until today.

Meet GivzeyEDGE, a breakthrough product aligning flexible giving solution enablement with overall Annual Giving strategies. GivzeyEDGE is the only product that pairs expert advisors and former fundraisers with Give Now, Pay Later and flexible giving solutions.

GivzeyEDGE is a white-glove service that customizes execution and enablement for Givzey’s nonprofit partners, using our patent-pending Give Now, Pay Later and flexible giving solutions. The GivzeyEDGE team is made up of professional fundraisers who customize enablement and strategically align the execution of GNPL campaigns to each organization. GivzeyEDGE also includes a free fundraising audit to identify areas of an organization’s giving program that Givzey can supercharge with its flexible giving solutions.

"Givzey was created by fundraisers and is committed to raising the bar. That’s why we’re introducing GivzeyEDGE. GivzeyEDGE ensures that every ounce of effort an organization puts into strategy is supported by Give Now, Pay Later solutions that meet donors where they are and increase fundraising for your organization’s mission." – Adam Martel, founder and CEO of Givzey

Backed by the Givzey Guarantee, and GivzeyEDGE, we are able to guarantee 2x ROI on Givzey's GNPL and flexible giving solutions.

Click here to learn more about the GivzeyEDGE advantage and meet your donors where they are through flexible giving solutions at any level of the giving pyramid.

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