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Last-Minute Giving Tuesday Tech to Rise Above the Noise

Giving Tuesday is an amazing day for nonprofit organizations of all kinds. The "global generosity movement" is now in its tenth year, and it's become the single day that inspires hundreds of millions of people to give. But all of the attention and commotion of Giving Tuesday also comes with a lot of white noise. How can you rise above the noise to ensure that your Giving Tuesday campaign shines like it is intended to?

We pulled together a list of five last-minute technologies that you can quickly implement to gain the attention and gifts your nonprofit deserves. Whether you've had your Giving Tuesday campaign ready for months or are still pulling it together now, these strategies can boost you to the next level.

4 Last-Minute Technologies to Boost Your Giving Tuesday Campaign

Givzey - QR Codes

QR Codes

Chances are, you've used a QR code for your organization in the past. Have you ever considered how fast they are to spin up? Even better, QR codes can be inserted into any strategy to improve a donor's experience on Giving Tuesday and your organization's donor retention strategy for the rest of the year. QR codes allow you to mix media from physical to digital and send donors exactly to the giving page you want to send them to, where you can capture the accurate donor data you need for a gift today and retention in the future. And, this information empowers you to segment your donors for the future to craft highly personalized appeals that develop an affinity for your cause, a relationship with your organization, and future giving. Heck, you can even generate and brand QR codes for free!

Givzey - Give Now Pay Later

Give Now Pay Later

When donors decide to make a gift to your organization, they expect a few things: ease, convenience, and flexibility. On top of this, the mass appeal that you have to donors on Giving Tuesday means that donors will be excited to get behind a giving movement, but the majority of donors don't want to break the bank.

Give Now Pay Later (GNPL) empowers you to meet your donors where they are. A sibling of Buy Now Pay Later, GNPL allows donors to split their gifts into four simple payments without a transaction fee or a credit check. But, the best benefit for nonprofit organizations is that Givzey passes on the full donation amount at the time the gift is made.

That means your nonprofit does not have to wait to put that capital toward impact, have to worry about expiring credit cards or chase down donors for pledges, or deal with the hassle of accounting for outstanding pledges – while your donor receives the ease, flexibility, and convenience they expect. GNPL improves your relationship with donors and even helps to inspire multiple gifts throughout the year.

Givzey's patent-pending Give Now Pay Later solution requires zero tech integration and can be up and running for you in a single day – even with QR codes and other enablement tools to boot. Click here to give it a try this Giving Tuesday.

Givzey - Social Proof

Social Proof

Every nonprofit organization has its own unique story to tell and supporters who are engaged in that mission. As a fundraiser, you may be bored of these stories, but consider that your Giving Tuesday audience is much larger than your typical campaign and it's likely that the majority of these folks have not heard about the amazing difference you make in the world. Create your own media storm by using social proof to inspire your community!

Using free tools like Canva, combined with social media ads or posts, you can spend a single afternoon creating content that drives giving. In fact, if you can, you can create your own hashtag for the day and even ask your generous donors to use Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media channels to write a one-sentence review for why they gave. You can then use your organization's official handles and the team's personal handles to drive engagement to those posts.

Bill Gates AMA

Reddit AMA & Live LinkedIn Q&As

Social proof isn't the only way to leverage social media platforms. Nonprofits are lucky in that we all have bold leaders with amazing stories to share, a vision for a bigger impact, and passionate donors who are willing to engage others. Ask your leadership to block an hour of their time to take over a social media platform. Bill Gates is famous for his Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions. While you may not have the star power of Gates at your disposal, these sessions tend to go viral when they are very specific. Consider options such as:

  • I Cleaned The World's Largest Oil Spill, AMA

  • Live Q&A: These Hurricane Ian Survivors Still Need You

  • I Survived Breast Cancer, AMA

  • Youtube Live: I Wouldn't Be In College If Not For This Scholarship

The best part about these live sessions is that you get to engage with your audience while learning about what they think of your cause and what they may not yet know. While they may seem scary to pull off, they're more engaging than the typical webinar that we've all become accustomed to since 2020 – and they're free!


Giving Tuesday is an incredibly loud day for anyone who works in the nonprofit sector and our goals are often big, hairy, and audacious. Whether you have been planning for years, months, days, or are still without a plan – there are amazing technologies you can put into play at the last minute to give your cause the boost it needs.

Have an amazing Giving Tuesday – go show the world what you're about!

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