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Launching a New Era in Fundraising: Version2’s Fully Autonomous Fundraiser, Powered by AI

The future of nonprofit fundraising is here, and it’s driven by artificial intelligence. Today, Adam Martel, CEO of Givzey and an innovator in fundraising technology, announces the launch of Version2. This AI research and design lab aims to revolutionize fundraising by developing the world’s first fully autonomous nonprofit fundraiser.

A Moonshot Worth Pursuing

Adam Martel is no stranger to ambitious projects.

"Many people believe that it’s impossible to create a fully autonomous fundraiser, especially for a profession that is built on relationships driving actions. Autonomous fundraising is, indeed, a moonshot, but it’s a worth-while challenge. When we prove that it’s possible, our success will have a deep, lasting, and consequential impact not only on fundraising, but on humanity as a whole." – Adam Martel, CEO of Givzey and Version2

The mission of Version2 is clear: to solve the biggest challenges in fundraising by the end of 2024. The lab’s focus is on enabling autonomous fundraisers to learn efficiently and prove their viability and effectiveness.

The Role of the Autonomous Fundraiser

The autonomous fundraiser begins every donor relationship with full transparency, identifying itself as an AI representative of a specific organization. It then seeks opt-in permission from donors to communicate, guiding them through a series of engagement touchpoints, gift discovery and solicitation journeys, and stewardship activities.

This technology does not aim to replace human fundraisers but to augment a nonprofit's ability to scale high-touch donor engagement. For years, recruiting and retaining fundraising staff has been a significant challenge. Reports indicate that up to 75% of nonprofit organizations face staffing shortages. The autonomous fundraiser is designed to address this gap by providing meaningful support to short-staffed organizations.

Partnership with William & Mary

Version2’s first application is in partnership with William & Mary. The university’s autonomous fundraiser will support the student phonathon program, connect donors with program leaders, scale alumni engagement, and facilitate gifts and stewardship activities. This innovative approach includes mailing branded gifts or sending handwritten postcards through AI-enabled robotics.

"Artificial intelligence has proven to be one of the most disruptive technologies. Adam’s mission with Version2 to build the first fully autonomous frontline fundraiser could be one of the most important efforts to impact fundraising in our generation. I’ve seen it in action, and I believe it’s going to transform fundraising for a new generation who want completely new ways of engaging with their philanthropy." – Matthew T. Lambert, Senior Vice President for University Advancement at William & Mary

The Technology Behind Version2's Fully Autonomous Fundraiser

Version2's autonomous virtual fundraiser combines empathetic AI with synthetic mimicking, perception-enabled technology, robotics, and other advanced technologies. This AI-driven approach guides donors through a series of donor-centric engagements, leading to natural outcomes that support the organization.

Meet Alex, the world's first fully autonomous fundraiser.

Version2: Meet Alex, the world's first fully autonomous fundraiser.
Version2: Meet Alex, the world's first fully autonomous fundraiser.

About Version2

Powered by Givzey, Version2 is the first AI research and design lab dedicated to advancing nonprofit fundraising. By 2024, Version2 aims to empower nonprofits with scalable autonomous AI capable of managing donor portfolios and raising funds autonomously. The goal is to redefine traditional fundraising methods and break through digital barriers, creating a new standard in donor engagement and support.

Follow Version2's journey and learn more about how they plan to change the world of fundraising at

Version2 is set to transform the landscape of nonprofit fundraising, making it more efficient, scalable, and impactful than ever before. Stay tuned as this groundbreaking technology continues to develop and prove its potential to change the world.

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