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Modern Gift Agreement Management: Solving 4 Key Needs with Digital Gift Agreements

Modern Gift Management: Solving 4 Key Needs with Digital Gift Agreements
Modern Gift Agreement Management: Solving 4 Key Needs with Digital Gift Agreements

Like every industry, the field of fundraising is now doing business in a modern landscape full of digital experiences and documentation. By integrating Digital Gift Agreements into your nonprofit organization’s workflow, your donor experience will immediately stand out from others with seamless, all-digital agreement and reminders for your donors. It’s an easy way to provide a reliable, safe giving experience without requiring anyone to switch systems or embark on lengthy integration processes.

Gift Agreement Management Isn't Just About Your Process – It's for Donors, Too.

In this blog, we’ll pinpoint donor needs that Digital Gift Agreements can meet, then explore some of the reasons that make Givzey the best partner for your donors and your fundraising team. If your organization is evaluating whether or not to digitize your gift agreement procedure, here are some ideas to consider:  

1. Your fundraisers trust Givzey to meet the needs and nuances of nonprofit fundraising

Givzey’s Digital Gift Agreement solution supports development teams in formally and systematically recording donor intent, while providing donors with flexibility to realize their gift intentions. Fundraisers extricate themselves from the transactional “bill collecting” thanks to automation options. 

Incorporating Digital Gift Agreements into your operating procedures typically increases the volume of gift agreements. Donors, fundraisers, and organizations alike expect that the solution improves workflows and makes life easier for donors and organizations, alike. As such, it’s imperative to partner with a provider that understands fundraising and donor behavior.

Created by fundraisers for fundraisers, Givzey’s customers know and trust the people behind the solution, and expect a Digital Gift Agreement platform that offers peace of mind. 

2. Your donors want the simplified digital agreement experience that Givzey offers

Philanthropists of all shapes and sizes naturally – and perhaps even subconsciously – compare giving 

experiences across the slate of nonprofits they support. If a convenient, fast, and flexible giving process is provided by one organization, they’ll expect it to be offered by another. More importantly, any donation tool that falls short of that experience will stand out as especially clunky, perhaps deterring future gifts – certainly making relationship-building and solicitations difficult.

Digital Gift Agreements are the way of the future, powering fundraisers and organizations to meet revenue goals and retain donors. Fundraisers are encouraged to incorporate Digital Gift Agreements into all fundraising channels, from major gifts to annual fund, peer-to-peer fundraising to bequests, and more. The fast, simple, entirely-digital experience is a value that delights your prospects. Formalizing gift intent is one of the trickiest parts of the donor journey, and offering prospects a modern, swift, and entirely digital experience is the ultimate differentiator. 

A Digital Gift Agreement solution should empower fundraisers to easily integrate world-class technology directly into your donor experience. Your team will experience a reduction in errors, fewer delays, and less confusion. Your donors will be able to confirm and sign documents at any time, from anywhere on any device.

3. Your donors need to know the missions they believe in use innovative, smart tools

When donors give to an organization, they expect accuracy and transparency. Every organization intends to provide both – and more – to their donors. Clunky systems, shifting staff, physical paper, and improper record-keeping tend to be a perfect storm that can make it complicated to meet reasonable expectations. 

Digital Gift Agreements are a great way to complement and amplify your organization’s gift processes in a way that assures donors they’re supporting an innovative organization. Givzey integrates with any CRM (including Salesforce, Blackbaud, and Ellucian) and is backed by a world-class success team to customize and support your fundraising goals. 

4. Your prospects prefer to do business with sustainable partners

In today’s hypercompetitive philanthropy space, it’s never been more important to publicly align business practices with consumers’ personal preferences. With so much attention paid to eliminating environmental waste, Digital Gift Agreements are a simple step to minimize waste and transition towards sustainable records. 

If your team wants to give your supporters the easiest modern agreement experience, Givzey is the only choice. For nearly a decade, our leaders have revolutionized the fundraising industry. Givzey enhances and digitizes workflows, eliminates manual steps and paper processes, and elevates your world-class donor experience from agreement to fulfillment. When considering your Digital Gift Agreement solution, partner with leaders you trust. 

Bring Digital Gift Agreements to your organization with Givzey. 

Digital Gift Agreements are a transformative solution that can reshape how organizations handle incoming donations and broader revenue management. By using Digital Gift Agreements to streamline processes, reduce errors, and enhance collaboration, nonprofit organizations increase efficiency, precision, and collaboration across multiple roles and departments. 

Givzey is the premier Digital Gift Agreement platform. Click here to learn more about Givzey today. 

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