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Popularity of ‘Gift Agreement Management’ Soars as Givzey Crosses $10 Million in Gift Agreements Under Management

Updated: May 1

Givzey Crosses $10M in Gifts Under Management
Givzey Crosses $10M in Gifts Under Management

In Less Than A Year, Gift Agreement Management Takes Off

These are exciting times at Givzey! Just a couple of months ago we let you know that we crossed the $3 Million threshold in gifts under management on our Gift Agreement Management platform. Now, just a few weeks later, we're here to tell you that we've now surpassed $10 Million in gift agreements under management on Givzey!

What's Driving Givzey's Rapid Growth?

Givzey's recent trajectory is fueled by our nonprofit customers integrating their CRMs, such as Blackbaud, and using Givzey's bulk migration feature to bring all existing pledges on to Givzey, where pledge reminders and gifts are managed in a single solution. We've worked hard to earn our customers' trust and are excited to share this milestone with them.

“One year ago, Gift Agreement Management did not exist. But, as a team of fundraisers, Givzey saw the need to create solutions to scale multi-year giving, increase donor retention, and elevate the donor experience. Givzey’s recent growth is a direct result of the amazing trust we’ve developed with our customers and partners to transition existing pledges onto Givzey where they can easily automate, enhance, and personalize all pledge reminders – closing the gap between booked and projected revenue.” -Adam Martel, CEO, Givzey.

Built specifically for nonprofit fundraising, Givzey's digital, automated pledge reminders go far beyond what mail merges and reports from your CRM can do. Givzey’s customers save themselves the manual work of pulling queries, sending inefficient direct mail, circulating lists to fundraisers, and chasing down payments. Givzey’s pledge reminder solution holds itself to three pillars: automated, fully customizable, and donor-centric.


Givzey automates all of your pledge reminders. Donors are added to an automated series of reminders pre-determined by your organization until their commitment is fulfilled. With Givzey’s digital automated pledge reminders, you can scale donor pledges in ways never thought possible before.

Fully Customizable

Givzey doesn’t believe that automation should come with a loss of control. That’s why all of our automated pledge reminders are fully customizable. Personalize messages, pause reminders, update send dates, and more as your donor relationships evolve!


Elevate and evolve your world-class donor experience with one-click payment options within each pledge reminder. With a single click, donors are immediately directed to each of your existing payment options.

Organizations can also bulk migrate existing pledges into Givzey to automatically create pledge reminders for agreements that originated outside of Givzey. The Givzey platform leverages integrations, automated exports, and SFTP transfers to migrate and continuously ensure accurate, up-to-date pledge balances so organizations can manage all multi-year agreements in one, end-to-end, standalone system.

To unlock multi-year giving at scale, learn more about Givzey and Gift Agreement Management today.

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