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Removing Giving Barriers: Give Now, Pay Later for Fiscal Year-End Fundraising

Give Now, Pay Later for Fiscal Year-End Fundraising

As ‘Giving Day Season’ winds down, the focus for many fundraisers, especially those in Higher Education, is now on the end of the fiscal year.

How do we spend the last 12-13 weeks of the fiscal year to reach those 1,000 donors who haven’t given and progressively whittle that number down to 900, 800, 700, 600, and so on?

Give Now, Pay Later is an extremely effective tool — and one that’s designed specifically to empower fundraisers who work with donors at the annual giving level — for helping donors say, “Yes, I’ll give now.”

Fundraising’s Fiscal Year-End Giving Push Is Not Donor-Centric

While the fiscal year-end giving push is critical for any nonprofit, it’s organization-centric. The timing completely revolves around the organization, rather than the donor. This creates a giving barrier in and of itself.

As fundraisers, our job is to find donor-centric reasons to build relationships, while also finding compelling reasons to inspire a gift within a certain time period.

Give Now, Pay Later is a solution that turns this conundrum at the end of the fiscal year on its head by creating a donor-centric way to give.

Give Now, Pay Later is a Donor-Centric Barrier Removal Tool

Think of Give Now, Pay Later as a donor-centric barrier removal tool for your fundraisers. It’s a way to balance the need to close a gift now with the understanding that a donor may just not be ready to make their traditional gift on your timeline.

For example, ahead of fiscal year-end, you may hear from a donor that they have the family’s summer vacation coming up on the horizon. They would be happy to give their usual $500, but it would be better for you to come back and talk in the Fall.

Give Now, Pay Later offers your donor to pay their gift over time. This means you can respond by acknowledging your appreciation that they’d like to give and asking if it would be doable to give $125 for the next four months, softening the impact on their budget. This way, your organization receives the full gift ahead of the end of the fiscal year, and your donor can give in a way that fits what’s going on in their personal life right now.

Finally, a Giving Barrier Removal Tool That Goes Beyond Major Gifts

Major giving officers have a plethora of tools to make conversations easier with donors. From pledges to five-year commitments, planned giving, and other flexible solutions there are many ways for MGOs to remove common donor giving barriers. Give Now, Pay Later works as a barrier removal tool across all levels of giving for annual gift officers, leadership gift officers, and alumni relations teams.

Givzey has worked with many frontline fundraisers who are grateful they now have a tool to overcome timely donor objections. See what these fundraisers have that you don’t. Set up a one-on-one discussion about Give Now, Pay Later today.

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