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The 20 Best Email Signatures To Encourage Donors to Give to Charity

We tend to think of fundraising as an active experience – a nonprofit or a fundraiser reaches out to a prospective donor, the donor considers the appeal, makes a decision, and hopefully that decision is to make a gift.

But fundraising doesn’t always follow that equation.

The gift-making process can also be sparked by passive fundraising. Passive fundraising is a strategy that produces additional giving revenue for an organization by essentially leaving a trail of breadcrumbs behind for a donor to notice, and engage with.

Common forms of passive fundraising can be as classic as a donation jar, linking to a giving page from a social media profile, including self-addressed envelopes with direct mail, or email signatures. In this post, we’ll examine email signatures that you can steal, copy, or edit to ensure anyone you communicate with has a direct path to making a gift to your organization.

Givzey - 20 Best Email Signatures To Encourage Donors To Give To Your Charity

General Appeal

These signatures are intended to be evergreen – ones you can use any time of the year and with any campaign.

1. Every dollar makes a difference – please consider donating to [charity]

2. Help make a difference – donate to [charity] today

3. Together, we can create a better world – give to [charity]

4. Every gift counts – please donate to [charity]

5. Help us achieve our mission to [mission one-liner] – give to [charity]

6. Your gift can make a lasting impact – please support [charity]

7. Help us continue our important work – consider making a gift to [charity]

8. Your gift can create a brighter future – please support [charity]

9. Be a part of something bigger – donate to [charity]

10. Together, we can accomplish so much more – please give to [charity]

Timely Appeal

These signatures are intended to appeal to donors on a specific timeline – they should be used during campaigns and be switched out when a campaign ends.

11. [DATE] is Giving Day at [charity]. Mark your calendars to support us in our 24-hour appeal!

12. Make your gift by [date] to help us reach our goal

13. Join us in creating positive change at [event] – support [charity]

14. Double your impact! Make a gift by [DATE] and your donation will be matched by [matching gift donor] – please consider supporting [charity] today

15. Every gift brings us closer to our goal of [GOAL] – please support [charity]

Specific Giving

These signatures are intended to inform donors of ways to give to specific campaigns or give in special ways.

15. Did you know there are many ways you can make a gift? Learn more about supporting [charity] through gifts of stock, estate gifts, matching gifts, and more.

16. Would you consider a gift in honor of [NAME] [RELATION TO ORGANIZATION]?

17. Let [charity] help leave your legacy, ask about Planned Giving.

18. Help us [create/build/fund] [PROJECT] – support [CHARITY]

19. [NAME] helps us create a world without [problem] – please give in her name.

Every email that you send can act as a billboard to broadcast your mission's needs. Consider how your email signature looks and if your organization could benefit from using it to make a passive fundraising appeal.

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