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THE FUTURE OF FUNDRAISING - Episode 1: Givzey's Adam Martel with Special Guest Paul Mylott

Welcome to THE FUTURE OF FUNDRAISING, Givzey's ongoing webinar and podcast series.

We are excited to announce the inaugural episode of The Future of Fundraising: the official webinar series of Givzey hosted by Givzey CEO Adam Martel. We couldn’t have asked for a better guest for our first episode – our great friend and partner, Paul Mylott, the president of The Mylott Group.

Adam and Paul sat down to talk about removing barriers for donors. Whether there are hesitations because of personal finances, relationships, or processes, natural barriers limit how much donors are able and willing to give.

And what about first-time donors? How do we inspire them to renew their gifts at a better rate than the standard 25%? This webinar hones in on the process of donor activity, not just the transaction of closing a gift. We’re talking about relationships!

As Paul put it, “In my world, we deal with three types of people: champions, friends, and acquaintances. Most donors are your champions. The question is, how can we make more friends into champions and acquaintances into friends?”

Come see how Adam and Paul break down natural giving barriers that all nonprofit organizations deal with. Come learn about:

  • Flexible Giving Options

  • Financial Technology (Fintech) Solutions

  • Trust-building with EQ, Emotional Intelligence

Click on the link here or the image below for access to Givzey’s inaugural episode of The Future of Fundraising.

Throughout the year, Givzey will continue to publish The Future of Fundraising webinars and podcasts. If you miss an episode, you can always visit Givzey’s Give Now Pay Later blog to catch up. We’re thrilled to connect you with amazing fundraising thought leaders.

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