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Understanding the Value of Flexible Giving

When it comes to fundraising, there is no silver bullet in terms of how best to engage your donors and get them to act upon their philanthropic desires.

After all, no donor’s needs are going to be exactly the same. For some, the timing of your ask may not align with their current financial picture. For others, maybe they feel like their gift, no matter the amount, isn’t enough to move the needle.

Regardless of where your donors stand along the spectrum, the fact is, they want to give. In fact, the vast majority of American donors wish to give more to charitable organizations, but financial constraints get in the way.

And their gift, no matter the size, always matters.

It’s here where flexible giving separates itself from the pack in terms of its value as a fundamental fundraising strategy.

When it comes to the social good sector, give now, pay later solutions have the ability to revolutionize the way donors give by removing essential barriers to charitable giving.

It’s a victory for donors and nonprofit organizations, alike. Here's how:

For Your Donors

Offers New Perspective: Flexible giving can change the way donors THINK about giving, let alone act. With its ease of use and no hassles, give now, pay later solutions incentive donors to not only give more often, but to supersize the gift.

Spreading the payment over an extended time period with no interest serves as an added motivation to increase the gift. And to change behavior in terms of giving - that adds up to a huge opportunity for nonprofits. The emotional reason to give is already there. Making it easier than ever to give on top of that is a game changer.

Quick and Real Results: People want to give and see that their gift was put to good use. They want to know that it mattered to the organization that matters to them. Give now, pay later means the gift is paid to the organization upfront in full, meaning organizations can then put their donations to work more quickly. In turn, it will also pay more immediate dividends in terms of showcasing the value provided by donors and the importance of their impact.

The Multiplier Effect: Offering a solution for donors to give more, more regularly will have a powerful impact on your pipeline as you nurture donors long term. Flexible giving opens the doors to this strategy in new ways and provides fundraisers with an ace up their sleeve when providing donors with simple ways to contribute. This is especially important in the earlier years of donor stewardship as consistency is shown to be an important component of major donor stewardship.

For Your Organization

Yes, the Full Gift Upfront: I had to say it again. Now imagine what that truly means for your organization. With the gift in hand, your organization gets to reap the full benefit of that gift immediately. This isn’t true of monthly payment plans or any other strategy in your toolbox. It’s a true difference maker.

Simplified Transactions: The simpler, the better is obvious when it comes to donor engagement, but it also holds true on the other side of the fence. Managing transactions isn’t something that you want to focus your time and energy on, nor should you. But you also shouldn’t be forced to cap pledges at a certain threshold as a better solution to managing this key element either. Flexible giving resolves this and makes it a win-win for all.

Lockstep with your Strategy: Give now, pay later helps you open doors for new and existing donors without losing a beat. As a key element of your overall strategy, it offers expanded creativity and opportunities with donor engagement. The way you approach the annual fund, young alumni or major donors as part of a stretch gift can all be positively impacted through flexible giving being added to your playbook. It makes giving happen in new ways. What more can you ask for?

Learn more about Givzey, the first Give Now, Pay Later solution that gives your donors a smarter way to make their gifts.

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