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William & Mary Brings Give Now, Pay Later to its Donors

Of the thousands of proud William & Mary alumni, 20% graduated since 2010. So, it goes without saying that W&M's donor base has a strong Millennial and Gen Z presence.

In fundraising, we know that these two generations are important. That's because, collectively, Millennials and Gen Zers are set to inherit $68 trillion in the greatest transfer of wealth, ever.

Yet, to inspire these young donors (or young alumni), it takes a different approach than what we’ve seen in prior decades. These donors are eager to fund organizations that match their philanthropic values but also want to give in ways that align with their financial values. That's a big part of the reason Millennials and Gen Zers have latched onto the fastest-growing flexible financial payment in the last 50 years as consumers, Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL).

Seeing this trend unfold in the consumer world, William & Mary leadership, including Vice President for Advancement, Matthew T. Lambert '99, understood that Millennials and Gen Zers preferred BNPL for its flexibility and transparency.

"As the No. 1 public university in the U.S. for annual alumni giving, we are proud to provide additional ways for our alumni to be involved and to support the people, places, and programs at W&M," explained Lambert.

So, when Givzey connected with Lambert, he knew there was an opportunity to offer donor-centric flexible giving options across W&M's entire annual giving program, including its annual day of giving, One Tribe One Day.

“[Givzey] represents a great opportunity to strengthen William & Mary’s culture of engagement and philanthropy by breaking down barriers and offering a flexible way for our donors to give,” said Lambert.

Strong and brave leaders like Lambert and William & Mary have a unique skill set to both identify fundraising challenges and take action by adopting innovative solutions like Givzey's Give Now, Pay Later flexible giving options.

How do you align your donors' personal values with their philanthropic values?

Let's find a time to talk – connect with Givzey today.

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