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Year-End Fundraising: Starting Early and Adjusting Your Strategy

If you’re like other fundraisers in the nonprofit space, the end of the year feels like it’s closing in sooner than ever.

Despite it still being summer, many organizations have already started to plan, and even execute on their year-end appeals due to supply-chain concerns. With direct-mail solicitations and year-end appeals accounting for large percentages of organizations’ overall fundraising efforts, it’s vitally important that these campaigns hit as expected despite the added constraints.

Therein lies the opportunity.

With supply-chain issues threatening more traditional methods of fundraising, there’s a wonderful opportunity for fundraising leaders to think more outside the box and lean in on digital means of engaging donors as well as exploring new, innovative approaches to fundraising.

Looking for some suggestions as to how to adjust your end-of-year strategy this year? Consider:

Real-time Messaging

Digital tools allow fundraisers to reach donors more instantaneously than print, which requires long lead times to ensure on-time delivery. Whether it’s email, video, social media or other digital means, these channels can help you create impactful engagement opportunities.

And without the traditional lead-times of printing and mailing in your way, planning now with these outlets in mind ensures you can think through high-quality campaigns that address in-the-moment happenings that your donors care about.

Digital Advertising

Cutting back on print can mean an opportunity to explore opportunities with digital advertising, which have proven to be successful for organizations preparing for year-end campaigns.

What’s particularly great about this approach in comparison to an emphasis on print is the analytics that come with it - the data will provide you with greater metrics to define the campaign’s success. Leveraging search keywords will allow you to find potential prospects looking for organizations like you, and may help you expand your pipeline in new ways.

Flexible Giving

Whether you’re looking to retain existing donors or provide a simpler way for them to give more and more often, flexible giving provides a new avenue to make giving easier for your donors. Give Now, Pay Later solutions can drive results for nonprofit fundraisers, utilizing artificial intelligence to help them split up their payments over time without interest or any added hassle.

Whether you’re committed to print or looking to emphasize more digital strategies, flexible giving remains a valuable tool to your year-end campaign approach regardless of where you stand. Need that extra push to get a donor to give? Or need a tactic to incentive a smaller donor to increase their gift to a level previously out of reach? Give Now, Pay Later can be the innovative approach that pushes you to new heights at the end of the year.

Learn how the Social Good's sector's first "Give Now, Pay Later" AI-enabled fintech solution can revolutionize the way you fundraise.

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