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Multi-Year Giving Playbook Special Edition: Capital Campaigns

Multi-year gift agreements are one of the best ways to grow your nonprofit’s major gift and planned gift pipelines through sustainable, predictable, and donor-centric practices.

While Givzey’s Multi-Year Giving Playbook for Fundraising Leaders gives a strong overview on how development professionals can apply multi-year giving strategies to donors at all levels of giving, this edition of the playbook will focus on capital campaigns specifically.

Multi-Year Giving Playbook Special Edition: Capital Campaigns
Multi-Year Giving Playbook Special Edition: Capital Campaigns


Capital campaigns are a common and natural context for the deployment of multi-year gift agreements.

Outside of your major gift program, a capital campaign may be the only time when you’ll find yourself soliciting five, six and even seven-figure gifts. Not only do capital campaigns provide donors a significant and often-tangible opportunity to make an impact, multi-year pledges and payment plans ease the donor’s financial burden for making such transformational gifts.

Just like any element of a capital campaign, a thoughtful strategy well-executed will mean the difference between success and failure. 

In this playbook, we will outline tactics and strategies for implementing a multi-year giving strategy during your capital campaign. We will hone in each individual phase of the capital campaign when providing guidance.


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