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The 2024 Multi-Year Giving Playbook

Last year, Givzey published its first volume of the Multi-Year Giving Playbook for Fundraising Leaders. Less than six months – and thousands of downloads – later, Givzey is back with a refreshed playbook that offers a new perspective on how leaders can apply multi-year giving strategies to donors at all levels of giving to grow the pipeline through sustainable, predictable, and donor-centric practices.

As a seasoned fundraising leader, you know that using the same playbook year after year will only get you so far. You understand that constantly evolving your fundraising programs fuels the growth that also fuels your career.

Jerry Panas, who many credit for ushering us towards the era of donor-centricity, published more than a dozen fundraising guides, books, and new editions over the last 20-30 years. People, markets, and fundraising all grow and change with the times – and our strategic approaches should never become stale.

Use the 2024 Multi-Year Giving Playbook to guide you toward measurable multi-year giving success.

2024 Multi-Year Giving Playbook for Fundraising Leaders
2024 Multi-Year Giving Playbook for Fundraising Leaders

Updated for 2024. A fresh perspective on scaling multi-year giving programs to more donors.


  • Measuring Results & What Metrics to Track

  • New Solutions & Technology to Try

  • More Use Cases

  • More Multi-Year Giving Opportunities

  • More Commentary


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