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Givzey Announces Version 2.0 of Fundraising’s First Gift Agreement Platform Including Digital Gift Agreements for Major Gifts

Updated: May 1

Givzey's End-to-End Digital Gift Agreement Solution Now Serves All Forms of Gift Documentation in One Place

Givzey Announces Version 2.0 of Fundraising’s First Gift Agreement Platform Including  Digital Gift Agreements for Major Gifts
Givzey Announces Version 2.0 of Fundraising’s First Gift Agreement Platform Including Digital Gift Agreements for Major Gifts

Givzey, nonprofit fundraising’s first and only Gift Agreement Platform, today announced Givzey 2.0, which now includes all forms of gift documentation in a single digital solution, including major gift agreements. Givzey’s end-to-end gift documentation platform is the first of its kind in nonprofit fundraising and has exploded in growth in less than a year – with more than $3 million in gifts under management on the platform.

“Never before has there been a single solution that empowers all forms of giving to scale to donors at every level. Givzey’s latest release incorporates all our team has learned over the past nine months, simplifying the most challenging processes around gift agreements and revolutionizing how fundraisers empower donors to support the causes they care about most,” said Adam Martel, Founder and CEO, Givzey.

As fundraising’s first Gift Agreement Platform, Givzey empowers organizations to easily create, send, sign, and manage all gift agreements in one place. With highly customizable automation, Givzey empowers nonprofits to streamline their pledge, LOI, and major gift processes in ways that scale to donors at every level of giving, unlocking powerful multi-year giving opportunities that directly increase major and planned giving pipelines, bookable revenue, donor retention, and elevate world-class donor experiences.

The upgrades to the Givzey Gift Agreement Platform address the processes that prohibit multi-year giving, proper gift documentation, and seamless donor experiences. These updates include:

Donor Experience

Donors expect giving to be convenient, simple, and personalized. But fundraising processes make committing to gifts feel more like doing your taxes than a seamless and rewarding experience. With Givzey, fundraisers and organizations change the paradigm of proper gift documentation from intimidating and complex forms to highly personalized donor acknowledgements and recognition. Whether donors are giving cash, stock, DAFs, grants, or committing to future gift intentions, Givzey makes giving feel effortless.

Single-Click Gift Commitments

With world-class donor experience at the forefront of every Givzey digital gift document, donors review and accept gift commitments, navigate to their chosen payment, and more in a single click, from any device. No login or download is required and donors across all generations appreciate the ease of confirming and fulfilling gifts.

Letter of Intent (LOI), DAF & Stock Acceptance

Donors have more options to pay for their gifts than ever before, which makes complying with tax, accounting, and industry standards both technical and challenging. Givzey’s LOI agreements give nonprofits all the donor-facing functionality of a pledge, but with specifications for payment by DAF or family foundation to ensure gift entry compliance. Givzey invoices and reminders include payment buttons that lead directly to the organization’s many ways to give, including stock gift information, wire transfer instructions, or other acceptance procedures. 

Fundraiser Enablement 

Givzey’s Digital Gift Agreements empower frontline fundraisers to easily create, sign, and manage all gift agreements in one place. In fact, with Givzey, fundraisers close gifts faster than with traditional solutions like PDFs or DocuSign. 72% of donors confirm gifts within 24 hours of receiving a Givzey Digital Gift Agreement, and 92% confirm within a week.With the release of Givzey 2.0, this now includes major gift agreements, along with digital pledge agreements, letters of intent (LOIs), donor invoices, bequests, and more.

Digital Gift Agreements for Major Gifts

Nearly all major gift agreements are unique, involving tracked edits, multiple rounds of review, visibility for key stakeholders throughout the process, proper approvals, signatures, and the appropriate language to match the intention of a gift. Givzey empowers fundraisers to build unique, customized, and personalized major gift agreements in record time with a digital process that includes branded templates, allows for edits, and routes approvals at the appropriate time and in your preferred order.

Digital Gift Agreements for Pledges

Securing multi-year giving from donors below your traditional pledge threshold hasn’t been a priority in the past because nonprofits aren’t set up to manage this process at scale. With Givzey, fundraisers can create and send pledges, no matter how nuanced, to donors in less than a minute, where donors can review and confirm in a single click, and receive automated pledge reminders to fulfill their gift.

Digital Gift Agreements for DAF, Foundation, and Future Gift Intentions

Givzey’s digital LOIs ensure proper documentation in a first-of-its-kind fundraising solution that makes future gift intentions, such as DAF giving, simple. Givzey LOIs include distinct and differentiated language for accurate gift processing and customizable templates with editable fields. This ensures your LOIs are warm and donor-centric, on-brand for organizations, personalized for fundraisers, and automated for advancement operations professionals.

Digital Gift Agreements for Bequests

Eliminate PDFs and paper forms that confound the donor experience when making a legacy gift. Givzey organizes Planned Giving in ways never thought possible before with digital agreements that offer simple fundraiser/donor collaboration to collect all information the organization requires to document a bequest.

Digital Gift Agreements for Donor Invoices

Turn a verbal commitment into a concise and branded document outlining the details of a donor’s gift, along with all of your organization’s payment options. With a personalized message from the fundraiser, Givzey provides the perfect follow-up for any donor who intends to make an immediate gift. 

Digital Gift Agreements for Solicitations

Double or triple impact during campaigns like the year-end appeal. Givzey turns one-time solicitations into bookable multi-year commitments in a single click.

To keep fundraisers on-track and in-the-know without having to log into a dashboard, Givzey created the weekly Fundraiser Focus, an email digest delivered to fundraisers detailing all activity with their Digital Gift Agreements and notifications about upcoming automated pledge reminders to donors.

Advancement Services

Givzey combines the benefits of PDFs, DocuSign, and QuickBooks into a single solution made for fundraising – transforming your process from a hurdle into an asset. Updated dashboards and functionality in Givzey 2.0 revolutionize how organizations can grow fundraising programs. Key features include:

Automated Pledge Reminders & Followup

Givzey removes the top obstacle stopping organizations from scaling their pledge strategy by eliminating the manual pledge reminder process and chasing donors for payments. Automated pledge reminders and follow-ups are created and queued as soon as pledges are confirmed and delivered via email at the organization’s preferred schedule.

New Manager Dashboards

Dashboards empower managers and advancement operations professionals to manage fundraisers, forecast giving, and analyze progress. Enhanced admin capabilities give administrators more control to update an organization’s Givzey setup with self-service tools, including custom fields, branding, user groups, user permissions, and more.

Custom User Groups, Templates, and Branding

Ensure donors have custom experiences that best represent the intention of their gifts. Givzey’s customized templates and branding empower organizations to create user groups that can send agreements, automated pledge reminders, and more, on behalf of specific fundraising units – including athletics, medical centers, academic colleges, events, boards, etc.


Organizations receive all the data they need from the Givzey Gift Agreement Platform. With reporting tools, managers can drill down on critical metrics, export data from Givzey, and empower users to filter and view specific segments of donors.


Keep pledge and donor data in sync. Givzey has key integrations that keep pledge balances up to date and migrate offline pledges into the Gift Agreement Platform from their CRM. The Givzey platform leverages APIs and SFTP transfers to ensure organizations can manage all multi-year agreements in one place.

Customized Donation & Donor Fields

Match existing processes with custom donation and donor fields. Givzey’s onboarding sets organizations up with unique custom fields so everyone is on the same page and nobody has to change the important information they receive about a donor or their gift. 

To learn more about Givzey 2.0, request a customized demo today, here.

Elevate your world-class donor experience to meet the standards of today and scale giving throughout all of your fundraising programs with Givzey.


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