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Givzey & DonateStock Partner to Elevate World-Class Donor Experiences and Grow Nonprofit Fundraising

Updated: May 1

Givzey is excited to announce that we now offer a DonateStock payment option for donors on fundraising's first Gift Agreement Platform.

Givzey and DonateStock Partner Up
Givzey and DonateStock Partner Up

Givzey and DonateStock have partnered up to unlock charitable stock gifting on Givzey's Gift Agreement Platform. As a result of our partnership, nonprofit organizations, colleges and universities, healthcare organizations, and more can now empower donors to fulfill gifts via DonateStock on any gift invoice.

For decades stock gifting has been a difficult, manual process for both donors and recipients. The friction associated with making and processing stock gifts has been a big deterrent, resulting in stock rarely comprising more than 1-2% of total donations. However, stock gifting represents a vast pool of assets and a tax-advantaged way for donors to support nonprofits, namely pre-tax stock gifts that allow donors to potentially avoid tax on appreciated stock, while having a greater impact. Recipient organizations also benefit from larger pre-tax gifts of appreciated assets.

“We are delighted to see Givzey and DonateStock, two strong partners to our team at William & Mary, collaborating to provide a more seamless, integrated and inclusive experience for our donors," said Matthew T. Lambert, Vice President for University Advancement at William & Mary, a mutual customer. "As we seek to expand our culture of engagement & philanthropy, Givzey and DonateStock will be an increasingly important component of our strategy to democratize philanthropy.”

DonateStock makes stock gifting easy and efficient for all parties, opening the door to billions in new funding for organizations of all sizes. The solution enables donors and financial advisors to initiate stock gifts in minutes at no cost. DonateStock also simplifies the process of processing, reconciling, and acknowledging stock gifts, enabling fundraising professionals to offer donors new ways to give while avoiding the hassle typically associated with stock gifts.

“We’re excited to announce our partnership with Givzey as a great example of market leaders collaborating to help nonprofits diversify and grow their fundraising programs,” said Steve Latham, CEO of DonateStock. “We look forward to working with Givzey to educate and enable nonprofits of all sizes to unlock stock gifting at scale.”

Givzey’s end-to-end Gift Agreement Platform includes solutions for:

  • Digital Pledge Agreements

  • Donor Invoices

  • Automated Pledge Reminders

  • Letter of Intent (LOI), Stock, and DAF Acceptance

  • Gift Solicitations

  • Bequests

  • Major Gift Agreements

"The difference between organizations that exceed fundraising goals and those that fall short often comes down to proper gift documentation. Until recently, formalizing and documenting a donor's gift intent hasn't been scalable – and it's a practice that nonprofit organizations save for only transformative gifts. Givzey's mission is to empower nonprofits to document gift intent, formalize verbal agreements, and immediately increase bookable revenue with digital gift agreements. Our Gift Agreement Platform is the first of its kind, connecting e-signatures, gift and pledge agreements, and bookable revenue into a standalone solution that empowers fundraising leaders to grow their pipelines. We’re excited to partner with our good friends, Steve and the whole DonateStock team, and help lead the revolution to drive critical fundraising growth for world-changing nonprofits," said Adam Martel, Founder and CEO, Givzey.

To document donor intent, formalize verbal agreements, increase bookable giving revenue today, and grow your pipeline, book a Givzey demo here.

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