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Givzey and Orr Group Strategic Partnership to Improve Nonprofit Donor Retention

Updated: May 1

Givzey and Orr Group, an industry-leading full-service consultancy that transforms nonprofits through embedded partnerships, trusted advice, and the business of philanthropy, have entered a strategic partnership.

Together, Givzey and Orr Group are working to reverse the effects of a two-decade decline in donor retention that’s limited nonprofits’ ability to increase fundraising revenue and maintain healthy pipelines of major and planned giving donors.

“Retention is the challenge of this decade in nonprofit fundraising,” said Adam Martel, founder & CEO of Givzey. “Givzey is proud to work with CJ, Steve, Shaby, Craig, and the entire team at Orr Group as we use technology to expand multi-year giving strategies to donors at all levels of giving, especially mid-level donors who represent the future pipeline for nonprofit organizations aimed at changing our world for the better.”

Givzey & Orr Group Partner Up
Givzey & Orr Group Partner Up

"Retention isn't just a strategy; it's the heartbeat of successful fundraising. That's why partnering with Givzey feels less like a decision and more like a natural fit." – CJ Orr, Partner & President at Orr Group.

Givzey’s Retention Platform is fundraising’s first solution that empowers fundraisers to easily and immediately formalize and book pledges of all sizes by scaling multi-year giving strategies to all levels of giving. With solutions for major gifts, mid-level giving, bequests, LOIs, donor invoicing, and more, Givzey improves donor retention, increases bookable revenue, and grows the pipeline for nonprofit organizations.

Here’s a look at Givzey’s core retention solutions:

Digital Pledge Agreements

Improve retention by securing more multi-year commitments with Givzey’s Digital Pledge Agreements. Empower frontline fundraisers to personalize and send digital pledge agreements in seconds that donors can review and confirm in a single click.

Donor Invoices

Give every donor a major gift experience and automate nudge reminders to complete payments on gifts. Givzey digitally documents and formalizes a donor’s verbal commitment, while providing them with all of the organization’s ways to pay in one click, delivered directly to their inbox. Gift details, payment options, and more can be customized to precision for donors to reflect their relationship with the organization.

Automated Pledge Reminders

Givzey removes the top obstacle stopping organizations from scaling their pledge strategy by eliminating the manual pledge reminder process and chasing donors for payments. Automated pledge reminders and follow-ups are created and queued as soon as pledges are confirmed and delivered via email. Organizations can also bulk upload and migrate existing pledges into Givzey to automatically create reminders and scale multi-year giving to all donors. The Givzey platform leverages APIs and SFTP transfers to ensure organizations can manage all multi-year agreements in one place.

Letter of Intent, Stock, & DAF Acceptance

Donors have more options to pay for their gifts than ever before, which makes complying with tax, accounting, and industry standards both technical and challenging. Givzey’s platform gives nonprofits all the donor-facing functionality of a pledge, but with specifications for payment by DAF or family foundation to ensure gift entry compliance. Givzey invoices and reminders include payment buttons that lead directly to the organization’s preferred DAF, family foundation, stock, and other acceptance procedures.

Weekly Fundraiser Focus

Fundraisers stay informed without logging into their dashboards every day. Givzey’s Weekly Fundraiser Focus is a regular email digest delivered directly to fundraisers detailing all activity with their Digital Gift Agreements and notifications about upcoming automated pledge reminders.

Manager Dashboards

Dashboards empower managers and advancement operations professionals to manage fundraisers, forecast giving, and analyze progress. Enhanced admin capabilities give administrators more control to update an organization’s Givzey setup with self-service tools, including Digital Gift Agreements, branding, user groups, user permissions, and more.


Double or triple impact during campaigns like the year-end appeal. Givzey turns one-time solicitations into bookable multi-year commitments in a single click.


Eliminate PDFs and paper forms that confound the donor experience when making a legacy gift. Givzey organizes Planned Giving in ways never thought possible before with digital agreements that offer simple fundraiser/donor collaboration to collect all information the organization requires to document a bequest.

Major Gift Agreements

Get major gift agreements into the donor’s hands in record time with Givzey’s digital platform that improves process, workflow, and version control. Givzey’s customized major gift agreements are designed specifically for the nuanced and complex review and approval process, no matter how many parties are involved in a major gift.

Orr Group offers comprehensive services to address nonprofit organizations' specific needs and objectives through personalized and strategic solutions in four core areas:

Advisory Services

Orr Group assists nonprofits in developing strategies and tactics to achieve their goals. This includes strategic planning, development planning, campaign planning, planned giving assessments, and case for support development.

Capacity Building

Orr Group offers operational support, project management, and customized thought partnerships to enhance organizational capacity. This includes campaign management, moves management, planned giving administration, database management, pipeline development, development operations, grant and proposal writing, and event strategy and fundraising.

Donor Engagement

Orr Group collaborates closely with nonprofit development teams, providing support for individual and institutional giving efforts, board transformation, and serving in interim leadership roles to drive revenue growth.

Talent Management

Orr Group helps organizations manage their human resources effectively. This includes services, such as recruitment and hiring support, outsourced HR leadership and management, compensation assessments, organizational design strategy, diversity, equity, and inclusion support, and culture-building initiatives.

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