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Givzey’s Artificial Intelligence R&D Lab, Signs Exclusive Robotics Partnership with IgnitePOST

World’s First Fully Autonomous Fundraiser Breaks the Digital Threshold by Combining AI with Robotics to Independently Craft and Send Personal, Handwritten Notes to Donors

Here at Givzey, we focus on the very bleeding edge of technology through our Artificial Intelligence R&D lab, That's why we couldn't be more excited to announce that the world's first fully autonomous fundraiser can now write and send physical personal notes, written with pen and ink to donors for introductory notes, birthday cards, and personalized stewardship through our exclusive robotics partner, IgnitePOST.

"Givzey is thrilled to announce our partnership with IgnitePOST to enable the world’s first autonomous fundraiser to autonomously send AI-enabled, robotic-handwritten introductory notes, birthday cards and stewardship notes to donors. Never before has AI been matched with robotics in such a powerful way. The partnership between Givzey’s Version2 and IgnitePOST represents a technological advancement that breaks the digital threshold in a way that’s never been seen before and will give donors a magical and unexpected experience with the autonomous AI.” Adam Martel, CEO, Givzey and Version2

How does an autonomous fundraiser work with robotics?

Version2’s autonomous fundraisers have already proven that they can work independently with donors to produce gifts as a natural outcome of a guided donor engagement journey. Now, as Version2 takes its next step forward, the autonomous fundraiser will learn how to steward donors in appropriate ways, just as a human fundraiser would. When donors are introduced to the autonomous fundraiser, it’s the donor’s birthday, or the donor reaches stewardship stages, Version2’s fully autonomous fundraisers now have the ability to craft hand-written messages, send these messages to IgnitePOST, which uses its intelligent robots to take pen to paper and hand write the stewardship notes, at scale.

"We're excited to announce this new partnership between IgnitePOST's handwritten note platform and Givzey's autonomous AI-powered fundraiser. The joining of these two technologies makes sense in so many ways. As humans, we're social beings that crave meaningful interactions. However, people are inundated with digital communication, most of which is not meaningful or impactful. Sending personalized handwritten letters is one of the best ways to cut through the digital noise and leave lasting impressions. Through this partnership, fundraisers now have the ability to combine Givzey's powerful AI with robotically handwritten notes to absolutely maximize impact and results in a way that's never been done before.” – Arian Radmand, CEO, IgnitePOST

Version2 and IgnitePOST are quickly moving beyond testing and empowering fully autonomous frontline fundraisers to break the digital divide to steward donors and grow giving.

View this short video to see what an AI-crafted, robotically written note looks like.

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