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Introducing Fundraising's First Gift Agreement Platform for Healthcare Grateful Patient Programs

Introducing the Givzey Gift Agreement Platform for Grateful Patient Programs
Introducing the Givzey Gift Agreement Platform for Grateful Patient Programs

Givzey is proud to announce the launch of our Gift Agreement Platform (GAP) and the first-ever Digital Gift Agreements for grateful patient programs. This announcement means that hospitals and healthcare providers can now use Givzey to inspire grateful patients to easily commit to multi-year gifts, at scale.

Grateful Patient Retention

Retaining a donor after their first gift is one of the biggest challenges in every grateful patient program. And, that challenge is magnified for fundraisers in the healthcare sector, especially for grateful patients. Hospitals have a very limited amount of time to make an ask to a grateful patient, and success rates drop if too much time passes, meaning renewal and retention are all the more challenging as weeks grow into months and years. Givzey’s Gift Agreement Platform is uniquely suited to empower fundraisers to shepherd gifts in the door once an ask is made via digital pledge agreements that document intent and help secure giving for gifts of all sizes.

Multi-Year Giving for Grateful Patients

Because of the unique timeline involved when inspiring charitable gifts from grateful patients, securing multi-year gifts is also a challenge. Givzey pledge agreements include options for multi-year pledges, addressing this issue head-on. Now, when fundraisers solicit a grateful patient's first gift, they can immediately follow up with a single-click, donor-centric Givzey Digital Gift Agreement to secure a multi-year pledge.

“When it comes to grateful patient fundraising, it’s well acknowledged that the more time that passes after a positive patient outcome, the harder it is to inspire and secure a major gift. Givzey is excited to help hospitals and healthcare providers solve this problem with the first-ever Gift Agreement Platform, specifically developed for grateful patients. Givzey’s platform empowers fundraisers to quickly and seamlessly create and send multi-year pledge agreements to grateful patients early in the donor lifecycle to improve grateful patient retention and secure giving at a scale that wasn’t possible before.” – Adam Martel, Founder and CEO, of Givzey.

Givzey’s Gift Agreement Platform formally documents a donor’s intent to give and uses a first-of-its-kind Digital Gift Agreement and AI-automated donor-centric nudges to ensure gifts come in the door. With features including multi-year pledge options and bulk uploads, Givzey greatly improves a Grateful Patient Program’s ability to keep up with daily patient screenings and extend the lifecycle of the typical grateful patent donor.

Key features of the Givzey Gift Agreement Platform include:

  • Givzey is Mobile and Desktop friendly so fundraisers can generate gift and pledge agreements in seconds, then seamlessly book and close verbal gift agreements faster and more reliably.

  • Givzey improves your world-class donor experience by creating a one-click confirmation for donor commitments and automated, donor-centric nudges that follow up with the donor for payment so fundraisers can instead focus on the relationship.

  • Because all Givzey Digital Gift Agreements comply with FASB standards, each confirmed gift is bookable revenue, empowering leadership to more accurately and certainly forecast revenue throughout the year.

  • Givzey is a standalone platform, requires zero tech lift, and can be up and running in less than 24 hours.

To learn more about Givzey, contact us today.


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