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How Digital Gift Agreements Help Fundraisers Close Gifts Before Fiscal Year-End

Givzey - How Digital Gift Agreements Help Fundraisers Close Gifts Before Fiscal Year-End
Givzey - How Digital Gift Agreements Help Fundraisers Close Gifts Before Fiscal Year-End

Fundraisers know that in the 90-day lead-up to June 30, closing gifts before the fiscal year-end is the priority. Losing a donor for a year makes it even harder to inspire giving in the future. How do you make sure each of your LYBUNT and SYBUNT donors considers your appeal and gives before it's too late?

The large majority of your donors have the best intentions of giving but are busy, distracted, or don't have your organization at the top of their minds. Frontline fundraisers have the overwhelming job to get donors to remember to make their gift and to do it on a timeline that most correlate with summer vacation, rather than charitable donations.

The good news is that digitizing gift agreements pays off quickly. Givzey finds that on average, 86% of donors interact with digital gift agreements within 36 hours, leading to booked gifts on the timeline that fits your organization's needs.

Benefits of Digital Gift Agreements for Fiscal Year-End

1. Better Close Rates

Many fundraisers know their LYBUNTs and SYBUNTs well – even those donors' intentions to give. However, booking that gift before what may feel like an arbitrary deadline is a difficult task. Using Givzey's Gift Agreement Platform fundraisers find they have a much easier time making every commitment, intention, and verbal agreement count. By formalizing these commitments into Digital Gift Agreements, donors respond by taking action quickly and checking their annual gift off their checklist – often within 36 hours of receiving the Digital Gift Agreement in their email.

Better close rates mean your fundraisers are more effective and efficient, putting you ahead of the fiscal year-end deadline before time runs out.

2. Eliminating Risk with Pipeline Health Visibility

In the sprint that is fiscal year-end fundraising, leadership attempts to keep a close eye to ensure constant progress is being made, and opportunities don't slip through the cracks. Givzey's Gift Agreement Platform empowers leaders and fundraisers to always know the health of their entire pipeline for gifts of every level. Centralizing digital gift agreements on an easy-to-read dashboard and via weekly email digests, Givzey can show you where every digital gift agreement stands: unfulfilled, in progress, and complete.

When things get busy, there's always the risk of gifts and opportunities falling through the cracks – Givzey's goal is to remove those vulnerabilities from your fundraising operations.

3. Fundraiser Enablement

Various points of research show that fundraisers spend anywhere from 40-50% of their time following up with donors who have agreed to give but have not completed the transaction yet. This typical scenario puts fundraisers in the awkward position of trying to remain donor-centric so they don't annoy donors as they push them to the final stage of giving. Givzey uses automated nudging to remind donors to finalize gifts so fundraisers don't have to constantly ping them. And, if a donor does need a fundraiser's attention, Givzey lets them know it's time for another human touch.

Are your fundraisers chasing down gifts that you already expected to be booked? Technology can put them in a proactive position.

4. World-Class Donor Experiences

Fundraisers love email. Guess what? Donors do, too. Why make your donor jump through hoops when it's their time to make a gift? Givzey's Digital Gift Agreements bring all of your organization's payment options directly to your donor's email inbox. This can be extremely helpful in your fiscal year-end push to increase close rates for LYBUNTs and SYBUNTs. When donors can virtually check out via email, the transactional piece of giving become frictionless and easier than ever before.

5. Rapid Adoption

Givzey is focused on helping your organization receive more gifts, and to receive them faster. The last thing we want is for you to wait. That's why the standalone Gift Agreement Platform is designed for speed. Any fundraiser can start using Givzey and sending Digital Gift Agreements, immediately. In fact, we have users who have sent more than 30 Digital Gift Agreements on day one of their 14-day free trial. You can start using Givzey for fiscal year-end fundraising today.

Sign up for your Givzey 14-day free trial today – no limits on the number of Digital Gift Agreements you send and no limits on the number of fundraisers who want to try it from your organization.

6. Fundraiser Continuity

The average fundraiser spends 18 months in their position. This means that institutional knowledge is constantly in a state of flux. We may have amazing CRMs and other tools to keep copious notes about donor relationships, but much of what we need is never entered into a database. This includes many verbal gift agreements or intentions.

Givzey's formalized gift agreements make for seamless transitions when fundraisers move or you onboard new fundraisers to join the team – especially for campaigns like your fiscal year-end push.

Whether you are a large fundraising shop or a small one, the fiscal year-end push should not be about chasing payments. Fundraising's only Gift Agreement Platform empowers fundraisers to close more gifts on the timeline that your organization needs.

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