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Assessing Whether Your Organization Can Benefit from a Gift Documentation Management Solution

Assessing Whether Your Organization Can Benefit from a Gift Documentation Management Solution
Assessing Whether Your Organization Can Benefit from a Gift Documentation Management Solution

What is Gift Documentation Management?

Gift Documentation Management is the proactive, automated management of the gift documentation process from a donor’s commitment through creation, revisions, approvals, signatures, pledge reminders, transparent tracking, and close. With the introduction of fundraising’s first Gift Documentation Management solution, created by Givzey’s team of former fundraisers, these efficiencies and fundraising growth can be achieved using a purpose-built software platform.

Many organizations are weighed down by inefficient gift documentation processes, but still aren’t sure if a solution like Givzey is right for them. If the descriptions below are applicable to your team, then your organization is likely a great fit for a Gift Documentation Management solution.

Criteria: Your gift agreements and processes are complex – creating bottlenecks

So you’ve just had a successful solicitation meeting with a major donor. You’re feeling great about securing the gift, but you’re dreading the next step: hours of paperwork. If you’re like most organizations, you now have to: Fill out an in-take form, Use a decision tree to select from a variety of templates, Fill out the template Send the draft agreement for internal review, Make any changes needed and seek additional review, Send to the donor, and wait for them to sign. This could take days or even weeks.

If you’re making your donor wait for days for a gift agreement while drafts circulate through multiple departments within an organization, your time to close gifts will increase exponentially.

Inefficient Processes Hurt the Donor Experience
Inefficient Processes Hurt the Donor Experience

Criteria: Your gift documentation process opens the organization to risk

A donor is at the height of their excitement and belief in your mission at the moment they commit to their gift. However, the process between commitment and closing the gift presents the most risk to the donor experience you work so hard to cultivate. The longer the “messy middle” takes, the more likely a donor is to lose their elation.

Criteria: There are often mistakes and errors in your contracts

Accidentally choosing the wrong template, language or branding, or missing a suggestion in the approval process, can result in gift documents that confound the donor.

Criteria: Your completed contracts are disorganized and even lost

If you’re storing drafted or completed gift documents in inboxes and disparate folders across multiple employees and devices, the chances are high that an important legal agreement becomes lost.

Any nonprofit organization can benefit from the efficiencies of a Gift Documentation Management system. If the time is right to elevate your world-class donor experience and turn on efficiencies that increase revenue, schedule a customized demo to see how your organization can remove that unnecessary weight.

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