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Introducing the 10x Givzey Guarantee

Updated: May 1

Introducing the Givzey Guarantee:10X ROI In Year 1
Introducing the Givzey Guarantee:10X ROI In Year 1

Givzey, fundraising's first Gift Agreement Platform that empowers organizations to easily and immediately formalize and book pledges of all sizes by scaling multi-year giving strategies to all levels of giving, announced a first-of-its-kind guarantee for new customers. Completely based on ROI, the Givzey Guarantee is simple – if your organization doesn’t 10x the value of its Givzey contract with gift agreements under management in the first year, the second year is free.

In short, Givzey guarantees at least ten dollars earned for every dollar spent on fundraising’s first Digital Gift Agreement and documentation solution.

“The Givzey Guarantee represents a shift in how nonprofit technology companies partner with nonprofit organizations to provide direct, repeatable, and measurable improvements in revenue,” said Adam Martel, CEO, of Givzey. “The nonprofit sector needs partners who are willing to be accountable not only for innovation but for the outcome and impact of that innovation. Based on the definitive and overwhelming success of Givzey's early customers, our team is proud to lead this era of change in providing a guaranteed return on investment.”

How can Givzey make the 10x Givzey Guarantee?

The foundation for major and planned giving is consistent, loyal, and retained donors who have individual relationships with your organization. Givzey scales this foundation so organizations increase bookable revenue today and grow major and planned giving pipelines for tomorrow by documenting gift intent, formalizing verbal agreements, and scaling multi-year giving. 

“Givzey’s 10x guarantee comes directly from the results of our early customers who have done amazing work to scale giving with all forms of Digital Gift Agreements. By definitively tying improved donor experiences to increased revenue, we’re proud that we can now offer the Givzey Guarantee.” – Emily Groccia, VP Customer Success, Givzey.

"William & Mary has now booked more than $1M in new commitments with Givzey in less than a year. By empowering each of our gift officers with Givzey's Gift Agreement Management solutions, we have grown philanthropy and enabled gift officers to focus on what they do best." – Matthew T. Lambert, Senior Vice President of University Advancement, William & Mary

“Givzey proved immediate value for Kenyon. It's a well-adopted tool that our fundraisers love to use and it's a game-changer for elevating our donor experience, which helps us achieve our goals.” – Sonia Corrigan, Associate Vice President of Advancement Information Services at Kenyon College.

With Givzey, fundraisers and advancement teams can quickly create, manage and send any form of gift documentation to donors. By bridging the donor experience to the fundraising process, Givzey customers expand multi-year giving strategies, increase bookable revenue, fulfill gifts faster, and make giving a seamless and rewarding experience for donors. In fact, Digital Gift Agreements are so effective, 72% of donors confirm gifts within 24 hours of sending and 92% confirm within one week – a stark contrast to existing eSignature, paper, and PDF processes.

To learn more about Givzey, book a demo today:

About Givzey

Givzey is a rapidly-growing, Boston-based digital fundraising solutions company, built by fundraisers for nonprofit organizations. As fundraising’s first Digital Gift Agreement Platform, Givzey empowers fundraisers to easily and immediately formalize and book pledges of all sizes by scaling multi-year giving strategies to all levels of giving. Document gift intent. Formalize verbal agreements. Increase bookable revenue today.

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